I am a firm believer that we are always evolving ... always expanding ... always enough.  Society tells us that we are not enough and that is just not true.  We are an ever evolving being that continues to align with our soul.  Whenever we think we are not enough, it just means we are moving into a new phase of showing up in the world.  

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I have been sharing this practice of yoga for years now, and I've always themed my classes, bringing something for us all to contemplate and meditate on as we move our bodies, calm the mind, and connect with the heart.  The physical practice of yoga, being it only 1/8 of the practice, has a way of removing stagnation from the body yes, but more then that, it sheds the layers that keep us from remembering who we are. 

This podcast will be an evolution of those themes, each week, in the hopes that something resonates deep within you.  Please feel free to send me ideas, topics, people to interview ... anything that interests YOU so I can be of service through this modality.  

Check it out at Evolve Your Soul Series

Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha