I have spent many hours in training on the mat; countless hours in life experience training, and been fortunate enough to attend workshops with some of the top thought leaders in our midst.  People like Janet AttwoodLouise Hay, Byron Katie, Bruce LiptonMichael Beckwith and many other spiritual powerhouses.  I believe that type of “mentorship” and a dose of REAL LIFE training off the mat, coupled with EPIC teachings from people like Seane CornJanet StoneSianna ShermanBaron Baptiste and Shiva Rea make for an interesting offering in life.

I’m going to tell you a secret that maybe no one has told you… 

You have all the answers within you. However… ALL of us can use a reminder about our greatness every now and again. Not only that but sometimes we just need a tune up! My intention as your empowerment coach is to get you to see and experience that which you already are and maybe make a few refinements.

The truth is … you already have everything you need. You ARE enough. I’m never going to tell you have to be more of this, or do more of that. But what I will do is remind you of the abundance already available to you. I will offer you tools that will help you create your own reality.

YOUR JOB: dig deep and move through the muck so you can come out like the lotus flower in the end.

MY JOB: hold up a mirror for you and show you who you really are.

At the end of our time together you will experience deep gratitude, fierce compassion, and unconditional love for all that was. You will be able to witness your present moments with complete awareness, joy and presence. And you will most definitely look toward your future with awe and reverence because you will know that is co-created. You will have given up the struggle of trying to “figure it all out” and “make it happen” and instead you will fall into the lap of least resistance … you will have found the balance of moving forward and surrendering.

This part of my business … Up Level Your Vibration … is a combination of all of that.



"I just wanted to thank you for having us take a passion test during TEACHER TRAINING. It really has changed my life in that it's helped me shift towards my priorities - health, ocean, working with teens, etc. and I am now in Sydney, Australia working with a youth foundation, living by the beach and being HEALTHY (mind, body and soul) - the latter is something I've focused on very much over the past year - and has been key. Sending love, and I hope you are well. 

Thank you endlessly!"

- Jackie


"When I first met Dana I had completed my first 200 hour teacher training and I wasn't sure of where to go next. I knew I loved yoga and wanted to share it, but did not have a clear direction in mind, or confidence in the tools I had at hand. Dana not only listened to me - she saw me. Over the past 3 years of mentorship, apprenticeship, and connection she has helped me to point my arrow with clarity and confidence. I am now certain of my abilities and skills and proud to be a teacher of teachers. I am now more comfortable with myself, inside and out, than I could ever have imagined. Dana's guiding hand has been instrumental in this massive shift, and it's made my life better, both off the mat and on."

- Gillian

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