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Sunday, August 10 – Friday, August 15
Esalen Institute
Big Sur, CA
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I am honored to be assisting this week long intensive with two of my long time mentors and now friends. Come celebrate life through yoga, meditation, and music with Steve Ross and Ira Israel. The week will be filled with invigorating flow yoga classes, delicious yin yoga classes, expansive guided meditations, heart-warming metta meditations, joyous kirtans, and profound discussions of yoga philosophy and Buddhist psychology. Each day will have a particular emphasis on pranayama, mindfulness, mantras, tools for overcoming blocks and releasing negative emotions, tools for cultivating positive, loving, authentic relationships, and other traditional methods for transmuting energy through the subtle and gross body to promote vitality and aliveness.


Ashland, OR
August 22-23, 2014
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Friday, 4:00pm:   Divine Play: Balancing the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

10009312_656717451031132_7466038701279762579_n-2Everything is about our relationships and how we show up in them… everything. We are here to cultivate a truth in all relationships (namely the one we have with oursevelves) and find that sweet spot of ananda. As we go through our life from birth to present moment, we create imbalances in the body and with our masculine and feminine sides… it’s inevitable! Imbalances may show up as injury, illness, chronic issues or generally less than optimal health. When we begin recognizing that this IS our work, this IS our yoga, we can exhale and work toward balancing the places we are “off” and move toward truth, freedom and love. Explore playful asana, partner poses, invigorating pranayam and exercises designed to build trust, awareness and connection in all relationships. Balance the energy of giving and receiving so your life becomes that which you desire.

Saturday, 8:00am:  Empowered Grace and Fierce Compassion

A detoxifying yoga practice offers you the opportunity to embody your strongest body and expansive heart. Breathe and move through postures effortlessly so the asana practice becomes meditation in motion. Rooting deep into the earth, embodying your truth, so you can share authentic love and your passion and power with the world. Awaken to your deepest sense of knowing. Your essence and purpose comes alive, seeps through your pours and becomes who you are. When this spark ignites, you embody the strength to move forward, manifesting your dreams into reality… not with force but with love and fierce compassion. Learn how to: Balance your masculine and feminine energy; allowing your strength and vulnerability to support and sustain you. Stay grounded during stressful times and transformative situations. Keep your energy sacred so you can nurture and support others. Awaken your intuition and spark the motivation to follow your path.


Friday, August 29:  6:30pm                                        Sunday, August 31: 6:15pm
Just Be Yoga – Walnut Creek                                      Yoga Tree Corte Madera
2333 Boulevard Cir, Walnut Creek, CA 95495                67 Tamal Vista Rd., Marin, CA
$30 early bird; $40 at the door                                  $25 early bird; $35 at the door
(855) 423-YOGA                                                               (415) 945-YOGA

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HiVoltage_JustBe_Aug 29

Embark on a journey across a sonic landscape of groovin’ beats and lush atmospherics, mixed precisely to the ebb and flow of an experientially focused vinyasa class. In his mixes, DJ HyFi is constantly molding and shaping the soundscape to synchronize with the raw energy of the experience.

Realign and redesign your body with the depth of your breath and a powerful vinyasa flow lead by Dana Damara. Natural, entwined, co-collaboration between these two, playing off the vibe of the room to take the peaks to epic heights, then deeper fluid grooves, eventually melting back into spacious ethereal bliss. Step on your mat with the intention to rock it out, have fun and lose yourself in the music!

AUTUMN EQUINOX and new moon flow

Tuesday, September 23, 2014:
Creekside (Hal Brown Park), Greenbrae, CA
Map to Creekside

Join Dana Damara for a donation only based class in celebration of the Fall Equinox and the New Moon! It’s time to bring it all inward, get prepared for the new new season and set some powerful intentions.

Suggested donation $10-$20 … bring your own mat please! We will practice for an hour and then sit in meditation with the New Moon. All levels and abilities welcome. Feel free to bring your children as well.

It’s donation only … bring your cash and your mat and all your friends. It’s time for a revolution ya’ll. ♥


Sunday, October 5 – Tuesday, October 7
Breitenbush Hot Springs
Pricing below
53000 Breitenbush Rd, Detroit, Oregon
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or call 541-FUN-YOGA (386-9642).
Early Bird pricing through Sept 5th859927_659152197454324_3426628665011694452_o
Call:  503-854-3320 for more info on Brietenbush

When music artistry and vinyasa yoga come together magic happens. Community connection aligns with pranic pulse and transforms energy, offering us freedom and clarity. Forget about managing your time, fitness, diet, relationships and life! Control is an illusion. Instead, tap into the wisdom and liberation that energy flow offers us. We are energetic, spiritual beings having a human experience. Yoga is about tapping into that energy, the song of the soul. Music and movement integrate that awareness. Through breath, movement and music/vibration, we cultivate the balance of masculine and feminine energy that moves us toward truth, freedom and love. This retreat is being led by Dana Damara and Stephanie Adams, ERYT 500, inspired yogi and teacher trainer for 20 years. She is the Creator of Flow Yoga Community Studio and Jaya Yoga Tribe Teacher Training.  Add in the music artistry of DJHyFi and you’ve got yourself one powerful few days. $170 ($150 if registered by 9/5) plus lodging (delicious, nutritious meals are included with lodging) Lodging/meals are an additional cost and BB requires us to take reservations for that, as well.

Here are costs:
*dorm rooms (4-bed cabin 4 people) $54/nt = $108 for 2 nts – limited space avail
*lodge room – sm private centrally-located rm $57=$114/2 nts – limited space avail *shared plumbed cabin $90/nt each = $180/2 nts
*shared non-plumbed cabin $74/nt each = $148/ 2 nts

all lodging prices include all taxes, etc, and use of springs, facilities, and all meals and beverages To register go to and click on “Master Event Calendar” or call 541-FUN-YOGA (386-9642). Early Bird pricing through Sept 5th

Chakra Flow – ignite your personal power

Saturday, October 25, 11:00am-1:00pm
Yoga Shala Sacramento
2030 H Street, Sacramento, CA
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Call:  916.267.5262
$25 for one workshop .. $40 for both!

Dynamic flow coupled with pranayama, designed to ignite, open and awaken each chakra. You will FEEL the density releasing from the lower chakras, creating a spark of awareness and inspiration you may have never felt before! The physical body is the pathway to the subtle body; and if we are to truly awaken to our purpose, power and passion, we must start moving the energy of the physical body. Tightness, tension and chronic pain show up because the body has been holding onto something deeper than we can see with our eye. It’s the body telling us that something is out of alignment. Poses are held for deep penetration into the tissues and structural realignment of the skeletal system. Affirmations for each chakra will leave you feel rung out after this class…a little sidelined potentially…but ready to make real change for your life.

inner wisdom flow

Saturday, October 25, 2:00pm-4:00pm
Yoga Shala Sacramento
2030 H Street, Sacramento, CA
Register:  Yoga Shala Sac
Call:  916.267.5262
$25 for one workshop .. $40 for both!

Tap into your deepest knowing … Your intuition is guiding you every day but sometimes life runs so fast that we end up reacting to the energy around us instead of creating from the love that is inside of us. We begin to explore asana and how physiologically slow down the nervous system to hear our inner wisdom… our deepest truth. Once we tap into that internal knowing, we can guide and direct our life in alignment with our soul’s purpose. The practice includes a deep meditation, mantra and invigorating asana designed to wake up your heart, spark your inner wisdom and get you on the road to manifesting your dreams.