Dana Damara is a Master Teacher and healer with Shaman roots. She began her yoga journey almost 20 years ago which has included working with prenatal women and new mothers, owning a successful yoga studio in the NW, writing and running Embody Truth Yoga School, creating Youth and Girls Elevate (a yoga program for middle and high school adolescents), facilitating Moon Circles, and leading workshops, trainings and retreats around the world. As a spiritual Ninja, walking this mystic path with practical shoes, Dana Damara is a mother, authorcoachteacher of teachers, speaker, and servant of the heart.  She exudes a balance between the mystical realms and realities of motherhood.   

She also dabbles in crystal therapy, essential oils,Tarot and Astrology readings, and Reiki healing. She is AN ACTIVIST FOR WOMEN OF ALL AGES OFFERING PROGRAMS THAT SUPPORT: feminine embodiment, self-love, sisterhood, sacred ceremony and ritual, AND A SAFE SPACE FOR EXPLORATION AND CURIOSITY.

When Dana Damara enters your life, everything shifts. Her power as a leader and dynamic agent of change becomes obvious when you read her books, watch her videos, or sit with her in a studio. Her essence is scented with truth, and the leadership that naturally emerges from experience. She has an organic ability to tap into the intuitive elemental connection to the magic of women and their power.  

She is based in Southern California, and traverses the planet, offering her wealth of knowledge and breadth of wisdom through a deeply spiritual and physically rigorous vinyasa practice. When she’s not leading one of her fiery, Moon Mystic Classes, she may be facilitating a retreat, hosting a Moon Circle, empowering her clients, creating an inseparable tribe with her Embody Truth Teacher Training program, or simply observing her daughters as they navigate their own karmic path.

In her quest for personal evolution, she has written three books: Oms from the Mat, Oms from the Heart, and the New Feminine Evolutionary. She’s also created some pretty powerful Evolutionary programs: Embody Truth Yoga Teacher Training, Evolutionary Sisterhood via her 13 Moon on-line moon circle, Evolutionary Coaching for yoga teachers, and Evolutionary Education via Youth and Girls Elevate.

Her greatest teachers are her two daughters, her family, Byron Katie, Seane Corn, Louise Hay, Shiva Rea, Michael Beckwith, Janet Stone, and every student that has ever walked into her class. 

Dana Damara has much in common with Yoga.

Her passion for life was born on the mat, her life’s seed sprouting with curiosity and purpose, building a container filled with potential and a fiery desire to elevate people beyond their perceived limitations. Dana teaches yoga as a life practice, slowly peeling back the petals of the Lotus to reveal the magic and wisdom of the lineage of masters who came before, blending ancient pathways and her innate wisdom into a vital solution for people of all ages. 

When a woman of depth and commitment steps forward to lead, her vibration needs to hum with her essence, clearly stating intention, and the promise of transformation for her tribe. Dana offers an open heart and a Shaman’s deep roots into the natural flow of life—guided to teach, heal and empower the Divine Feminine in every sentient being.

Dana Damara Evolution begins with the seed of life—the spark of Spirit—body and mind awakened to the Universal flow of synchronicity, and the beautiful message of love.

Whether on the mat, in a speech, as a coach, or in one of her books, Dana carries the fire of the alchemist within her soul.



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