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What People Are Saying…

“Dana offers bite sized insights on how to deeply connect with ones spirit with a hipness, simplicity and potency. Her authenticity is infectious and her straight from the heart story telling riveted me until the last page. A must read!"
~Giselle Mari, Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

“Dana Damara reminds us in her timely new book, “Om’s from the Mat” that everything that happens to us is a gift – no exceptions! Her brilliance is in taking deep-philosophical lessons from yoga and making them relatable to everyone. Her mantra of breathe, move, awaken resounds in each and every chapter and makes it not only an easy read, but a very welcome one for each of us who desire a simple journey to the soul.”
~Janet Bray Attwood, New York Times Bestseller, Co-author of The Passion Test

OMs from the Heart :: Available Now
on Amazon


"Dana's words come from the depth of her experience with truly living these teachings through her yoga, her relationships and her mothering. Her unique offerings are based on her deep inquiry and passion for sharing with others.”
- Janet Stone, International Yoga Teacher

"Dana leads with her lovely humanity in this offering from her heart. In a very grounded, practical and accessible way she tells us stories of her own life that match and mirror all of our lives-- and invites us to to begin to access our inner world. Through the lens of her devotion to the Yogic path Dana offers us a had to hold as we begin to ask the deeper questions about how we are bringing our deeper awareness to our everyday life. Enjoy the ride with her... And let the treasure hunt begin..For she will guide you here to being to find the treasures that are living within you…” 
- Elayne Kalila Doughty, Empowerment Coach, Ordained Priestess, Speaker and Author

The truth is that when we breathe and move the body, we awaken to our inner reality, and the ever transient Self... Our Truth. 

The physical postures of yoga were created to help us achieve liberation and the illusions from the mind. So you get to decide just how deep you want to travel into your soul.

It all starts with one simple step and it’s all your divine decision. Meet yourself where you are at and embrace the love inside you.

You needn’t physically practice yoga to experience an awakening, because yoga is your conscious breath, and taking just one mindful inhalation brings you to state of heightened awareness.

Yoga is union; union of body, mind and spirit. These devotionals will resonate with you, no matter where you are on your path.

Read these devotionals in succession or randomly, but be aware that once you ignite the fire within, you will never go back to sleep.

Experience an awakening within yourself as you read this book, enlightening your true path. Each story will resonate with you while you embark on this journey of self -discovery.



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