How will YOU nourish your soul ...


Alchemy:  a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

When we align ourselves with the moon and it’s mystical cycles, we can’t help but create magic within ourselves and in our life.  When you commit to transformation, there’s really nowhere to go but spiraling up.  That is what you will get when you attend a Lunar Alchemy Retreat with Dana Damara.

She unites all her passions: yoga, music, Reiki, Astrology, Tarot card readings, sound healing, Goddess and Shakti practices, Astral Energy exploration, travel, and connection with other amazing practitioners, to deliver a unique experience.

We explore the world and keep our destinations to those spaces that offer the highest and most potent energy vortices on the planet.  Why?  Because when we align with Mother Earth, we align with all that is.  Each venue offers space to create, connect, and visualize your life as it was meant to be lived.

Additionally, we offer yoga, dance, meditation, connection with nature, healthy food, and offerings from like-minded individuals on the same path as you. And finally, each of Dana’s retreats include hours toward her 300-Hour Embody Truth Teacher Training programs.  Keep track of your hours and training, and you could be looking at an epic retreat, unbeatable connection, realignment with source and hours toward your yoga teacher training certificate.

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I understand that sometimes plans change. This is why I offer the following cancellation policy: You can request a cancellation 30 days after you purchase, or 60 days prior to the retreat. In the event we fill your spot you will be refunded everything but your deposit (or $500 if you paid in full at time of purchase).  If we do not fill your spot, the purchase is non refundable.