Embody Truth 300 Hour Teacher Training is made up of modules, designed like a college curriculum. Choose from subject matter that resonates deeply with you, and go at your own pace. Whether you accomplish your 300 Hour Training over the course of a year or three, you'll come away with your RYT500 - marking you as an advanced yoga teacher.  You are responsible for tracking you contact and non-contact hours!  

Complete your Embody Truth 300 Hour Teacher Training via online offerings, workshops, mentorship, modules, apprenticeship, observation, and retreats. See below for details on all of your options for learning. 

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  • Module based program
  • Completed within three years
  • Program includes:
    • Mentorship - up to (30-60) hours
    • Apprenticeship if applicable - (90-150) hours 
    • Weekend intensives - up to (200) hours
    • Retreats (30-40) hours
    • Online classes (10-20) hours
    • Observing and Assisting (20 hours)


Dana Damara ERYT-500


Gillian Confair

ABOUT EMBODY TRUTH training program

This advanced program provides students with an opportunity to build upon the material introduced in a 200-Hour Teacher Training, integrate what you’ve learned through practical application in the classroom, and support the development of their individual voice and style as a yoga teacher.


Professional Weekend Intensives
This comprehensive curriculum consists of weekend workshops that progress from the basics of developing confidence and delivery, observations skills, and injury assessment strategies to understanding how to sequence classes for different ages, seasons and needs. Equipped with proper training, a yoga teacher can create the context to promote healing, improve the quality of people’s lives, and celebrate vitality.  You can take these weekend intensives ONLY and have enough hours to obtain your 300 hour certificate.  Mix and match it with mentorship and/or SEVA hours and/or retreats with Dana and you have your very own 300 hour certification.


Through the Mentorship Program, students will benefit from working more closely with a senior teacher. In this component of the course, participants continue to cultivate their teaching skills by applying them practically, in the class room. Additionally, trainees build upon what they learned in their initial training, solidifying and integrating the information through a consistent, one-on-one relationship and on-going dialogue with their mentor. As assistants in their mentors classes-trainees hone their ability to see bodies and give hands on adjustments. In addition, they have the opportunity to observe a senior teacher instructing, sequencing, adjusting and inspiring their students, and through this process to imprint these crucial elements of superlative teaching. Twice monthly mentor meetings will reinforce this learning process and serve as a forum to address questions and issues related to teaching yoga. Time and location vary by mentor.

Mentorship requirements:

  • Assisting mentor in class once a week
  • Taking mentor’s class once a week
  • Taking a class with another approved Senior Teacher once a week
  • Two meetings per month with mentor teacher (there is an extra cost to this - unless it is taken in lieu of workshop hours.) 

Note: Mentorship hours can be part of your 300-hour program requirements.  If there are weekends listed above that you want to replace with mentorship hours, ask Dana how to make that happen!

Learn how to complete your mentorship with Dana.


Observing and Assisting
(20 hours)

  • Choose the dates and times that work for you and observe and assist any classes that meet your needs! 

Schedule with Dana directly 

You will be responsible for turning in your hours to Dana Damara for approval and then Yoga Alliance for completion


Weekend intensives and retreats are individually priced. Select a module above to learn the hours and pricing information.