• supplement with mentorship, on-line programming, and retreats!

  • Excludes mentorship, apprenticeship, on-line programming, and Moon Circles.

  • Includes all workshops and events.

2019 Intensives
San Diego and San Francisco

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Full tuition valid for both San Francisco and San Diego modules.


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Complete your 300 hours through the below options to acquire 500 hours Advanced Study Certificate:

  • Intensive weekend or week long sessions (20-50 hours each)

  • Retreats (20-50 hour immersions)

  • Mentorship (max 40 hours)

  • Apprenticeship (156 hours)

  • Youth Training (20-50 hours)

  • Online offerings, hands-on assisting

Choose the content that inspires you and absorb it in the way that feels the best to you!  Take up to three years to complete your hours through a combination of Workshops, Retreats, Mentorship, Apprenticeship, Online Offerings 


Throughout this training you'll receive support from Dana Damara and other esteemed teachers , and you'll come away with your RYT500 - marking you as an advanced yoga teacher. More than that - you'll have access to and support of the Embody Truth Tribe: alumni and current trainees, people who have been through this very same evolution.

The tribe is at the heart of Embody Truth Teacher Training.  



Are you interested in leading Embody Truth 200 hour program and becoming a Master Teacher of this program? The Embody Truth Apprenticeship gives you the chance - observe 200 Hour Training from the seat of the teacher, then become the teacher yourself.

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Envision a world that is bright with inclusion, diversity, and appreciation for difference. Join us on this mission: our first ever Youth Elevate and Girls Elevate trainings happen this summer. Learn to support the next generation with yoga and mindfulness.

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While I believe that the deepest connections are found in the eyes, the heart, and the human touch, we can't always be together in person. That's why I've created Online Offerings - a way to bring the practice to you, wherever you are. 

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There are some questions that can only be answered one-on-one - that's why we offer Mentorship. Work with me to address every aspect of teaching from difficult students, to sequencing classes, to continuing education choices, writing a book, to business plans

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Explore the world with me! Join me on any of my retreats and count up to 50 hours towards your RYT500. All retreats include 2 yoga practices/day, plus ceremony, and the opportunity for energy work, one-on-one.


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"It has been so wonderful being a part of the Embody Truth community. So supportive and expansive! Enrolling and completing the 300 hour program at Embody Truth helped me solidify exactly where I wanted my yoga career to take me. The mentorship hours quickly showed me areas to press more deeply into in both my life, and in my work. The various theming classes helped me build a few different series workshops into actual programs and the sustainable yoga approach deepened my knowledge of guiding asana for different body types. Then  I used the apprenticeship twice to become a teacher trainer. And that has been the most heart opening experience."

- Amber


"Dana has the ability to see my strengths and gifts, often before I do. She has been brilliant at supporting me to realize and refine those unique qualities and really lead everything I do from that place of awake, authentic power. In short, she has been the reminder of truth and love."

- Korie


"When I first met Dana I had completed my first 200 hour teacher training and I wasn't sure of where to go next. I knew I loved yoga and wanted to share it, but did not have a clear direction in mind, or confidence in the tools I had at hand. Dana not only listened to me - she saw me. Over the past 3 years of mentorship, apprenticeship, and connection she has helped me to point my arrow with clarity and confidence. I am now certain of my abilities and skills and proud to be a teacher of teachers. I am now more comfortable with myself, inside and out, than I could ever have imagined. Dana's guiding hand has been instrumental in this massive shift, and it's made my life better, both off the mat and on."



“I met Dana at the same time I was beginning to feel the urge to expand and dive deeper into my teaching and my own personal practice.  We were meant to connect! She is someone I felt like I had known forever. I just completed the first portion of her 300 hour teacher training program and “WOW”, what an experience.  I was challenged into the uncomfortable but I always felt supported. Dana inspired growth and I am extremely excited to continue with this program and see what she has in store next!”



“I came to this training because of Dana. There was an immediate connection upon our first visit as if we’d known each other for years, kindred spirits. And through taking her classes I knew I needed to learn more from this exceptional mystical woman. I finally found someone I trusted enough to guide me through my next yoga journey. Dana has a way of nurturing you, uplifting you and elevating you to your full potential. I came to this 300 hour training wanting to find my voice, my confidence and finesse my sequencing, only to recognize that those things were always there inside of me. I just needed this space with Dana Damara and Kelli Russell to believe in myself and trust that I have so much to offer my students. This is just the beginning of my big adventure. I finally found my tribe with these incredible women".”

- Angy


“I feel so grateful for Dana! This beautiful woman created such a safe container for me to learn and grow.  In this space, I was given the opportunity to dig deeper into my practice , my teaching, and into myself. At the intersection of fear, anxiety and tears—I began to shed the layers of my past self. As I cracked my outer shell and dropped my inner stories, I felt a shift….there’s no going back only forward!! Looking forward to leaving more layers on the floor (Dana will sweep them up:)” 

- Dee


“This training has brought my teaching to a new level.  I can read the room and connect with my students on a deeper level.  I was pushed and hugged at the same time. Side note I nailed handstand and headstand yea baby!).   Aaaaahoooo!” 

- Jesicah


“I came into the Embody Truth training feeling unsure about my yoga teaching abilities, wondering if I should give up teaching entirely. Spending a week with Dana and Kelli gave me not only many opportunities to use my voice teaching, but also very practical information about alignment, assisting, and sequencing of asana.  The environment they created was gently challenging, supportive, and nurturing. They’ve encouraged me to grow while also fostering my individual strengths and interests. Most importantly, Dana offers opportunities to continue assisting and observing her classes so as to keep practicing these skills. I’m so grateful to have found this training that came exactly when I needed it.” 

- Meghan


“I came to Embody Truth advanced teacher training expecting to learn tools to become a more effective yoga teacher and to better serve my yoga community. This program went beyond my expectations. It is transformative.  I spent the week with the most extraordinary teachers, Dana Damara, Kelli Russell, and Malin Hornkvist, and fellow trainees. The training materials were exemplary, the support and encouragement were sublime, and I completed this first module entering a  portal into a higher consciousness. This gift of knowledge only makes me hungry for more, to learn, to give, and to serve. Wahe Guru. Sat Nam.”

- Linda