Come prepared to realign and redesign your body, mind and soul. You are guaranteed to sweat and explore more flexibility through the power of movement. Precise attention to detail, each class is a dynamic flow and a synchronistic dance of movement, breath and powerful asanas. Each day we offer a varying sequence that is powerful and playful; just like you!

You will find a deepening of your practice that meets you right where you are at in that moment. Whatever your time slot…morning or afternoon…I promise to awaken you through the power of yoga. And I promise that you will love yourself right where you are when you step on your mat.

What I teach - Moon Mystic FlowAligning our energy with the moon brings us closer to our Shakti, our prana, our life force.  If the Moon makes waves, then it is an undeniable truth that we too are affected by Her rhythms.  Every Lunar cycle offers us an opportunity to realign, recalibrate, reintegrate our own being into that which pulses with the Moon.  

Learn how to align your own practice with the Moon which will align your chakra and deepest subtle realms of who you are.  Understand the different cycles and rhythms; what is specific to each sign, and how it aligns with your own body.  Gather monthly rituals and integrate into your practice, connecting you deeper to Source and Mother Earth.  Learn meditations, chants, pranayama and sequencing for each Moon cycle. 



Monday * Friday / 12:00pm – Moon Mystic Flow
Wednesday / 4:30pm - Moon Mystic Flow

Friday / 6:15pm - Moon Mystic Flow

Please go to my Online-Google Calendar for the most up-to-date teaching calendar


Precise attention to detail in your alignment and focused awareness can keep you from injuring yourself in all of your activities, including yoga. Spend a few sessions with me, one-on-one and you will find the answers to your many questions. 

In-home Larkspur, Corte Madera, Mill Valley, San Rafael, San Anselmo
**Travel fees to San Francisco, Navato and parts of Sausalito and Mill Valley

One single session:             $195
Four sessions:                      $695 (must be completed in 1 month)
8 sessions:                             $1,250 (must be completed in 8 weeks)
10 sessions:                           $1,450 (must be completed in 10 weeks)

Your sessions can be put on hold however, if the hold is over three weeks, you may lose your time slot.  If there are extenuating circumstances, please let me know, we can discuss it.  Additionally, we both agree to offer a 30-day notice to discontinue sessions.  This helps me immensely in planning and offering spaces to others who may be waiting.