May 26-29, 2017
Private Estate
Grand Island, CA

Retreat can count as 20 hours towards your 300 Hour Embody Truth Teacher Training. 

Join me for my first ever retreat at this gorgeous space:  a beautiful English-style farmhouse and estate on Grand Island. Celebrate the long weekend with yoga, fresh and organic food, and time to come together in circle and away from technology and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Taking a pause important, because in that pause we recognize who we are and we see the many dimensions of our selves.  We learn to navigate the labels and roles we have given ourselves.  And we know when it is time to strip away the masks so we can truly live from our soul.  

This is not about being enlightened … it’s about being empowered.  It’s about being a leader of your own life and knowing that you are supported in everything you think, do and contribute into the world.   It’s about understanding that even when you are alone, you are never really alone.  That you have a tribe of women to support you, a circle of family and friends and the Divine always whispering in your ear.

During the long weekend we will:

  • Enjoy 2 Bohemian Flow Yoga Classes/day
  • Dine on organic meals
  • Shared accommodations, including shared bathrooms
  • Create sacred circle and ritual with your tribe
  • Come together in Opening + Closing ceremony
  • Learn how to:

Tap into your intuition
Embrace your dark and your light
Trust in your worthiness
Feel gratitude for your past
Achieve balance in your life
Manifest your dreams
Have fun while navigating this life