VINYASA VIBES w/ Egemen Sanli

Sunday, October 28

Soul of Yoga 
627 Encinitas Blvd,
Encinitas, CA 92024

COST: $27 presale / $36 at the door

Dana Damara may be new in town but she’s definitely not new to this practice.  She understands the power of yoga, pranayam, community and sound to heal.  Live music in class, not planned, but instead intuitively created between between musician and teacher, is always a special offering.  It gives you a chance to tap deeper into the mind/body/soul connection on your mat. 

Join her for a special Vinyasa Vibes class featuring LIVE music by Egemen Sanli Music traveling all the way from San Francisco to play at Soul of Yoga.  Ege had been attending Dana’s classes in the Bay and once they played together, the power of their collaboration was quickly recognized as mystical and magical. 

Ege plays the sitar alongside other ethnic instruments (saz, hang and handpan drums, banjo, flutes) and is able to bring out the mystic and invigorating qualities of all. He utilizes beats, loops and tanpura machines to compliment his joyful improvisations based on traditional Eastern ragas.  Every time Dana and Ege play together - magic happens.  

Come prepared to realign and redesign your body, mind, and soul to the live and soulful sounds provided by these two. You’ll be glad you did. Get your tickets early and bring your friends!