"Dana is a gift! I came to Dana as a teacher and mother looking for guidance to take my offerings to a new level, and she helped me set my intentions, find where my heart lies, see my own light with clarity, and take great steps to manifest my intentions. She showed me the walls I had built in front of myself, and helped me walk right through them! Her energy is infectious! I have so much gratitude for her wisdom and vision, I am truly awakened by it all!

With her guidance I created a beautiful web site for my offerings, began to create my own tribe, planned professional photo shoots, set goals and keep to them, plan retreats and seva project offerings, find my authentic voice for teaching and for connecting with students off the mat, and so much more!"

- Stefanie S.

As a yoga teacher, I have come to embrace that I am first and foremost, a student.

Every single time I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with a room full of people hungry for consciousness, I am humbled and end up learning something new about myself. So thank you for being my teacher.

We are all here to serve and share our gifts with this planet. When we can shift our energy and really live from a place that is alive with authenticity and vulnerability, we begin living our purpose and every breath we take is in the flow of our Divine path.

Yoga is the catalyst that brings us there.

I offer you mentoring services as you continue on your journey as a yoga teacher. In fact, it would be an honor to continue to serve you in any way I can. Mentorship can take place in person or online.  An initial 30 minute FREE consultation can support us both in creating direction and clarity around that which we want to accomplish.   

For those interested in 300 Hour Embody Truth Teacher Training, you can use up to 30 hours of mentorship towards your training. In that time we will map out EXACTLY what you want to accomplish in this program and tailor it for your needs.  See below for many ideas of what we can do when we work together! 


This program bring us to the place where WE create your essence as a teacher.  You set the pace, I hold the space.  Live the life you love. Turning your passion into practice into financial prosperity. No more living on the edge of mediocre. No more living in lack. Breakthrough old paradigms and belief systems using ancient yoga techniques combined with new ways of being.  Teaching yoga is not a “second job”, it is a profession that is needed on this planet and YOU are going to do it! 

Learn how to stay focused and disciplined so you can begin co creating with others to find a deeper meaning in your life. Turn your life into a consistent educational, magical process.The cost includes all of the above and also:

  • Creating your brand and beginning the process of getting yourself out there. We base everything on your passions and reformat what you have as necessary, when necessary.

  • Learning the basics of financial responsibility as a teacher.

  • Helping create a template for your website, social media and marketing – giving you the contacts and motivation that you need to manifest your platform.

  • Getting crystal clear on your offerings … using your passions to create financial abundance in the yoga industry.

  • Working through blocks that have kept you stuck in old patterns – ongoing process!

  • Creating a strategic plan of action that you can follow to get you where you want to go in this practice and create the life you love!

  • Designing multiple streams of income as a yoga professional … creating credibility around your offerings! (group classes, privates, workshops, retreats, trainings, writing, blogs … whatever your heart’s desire!)

Chose the option that works for you and your budget.  I offer:  

  • Individual Mentorship sessions (5 sessions)

  • 3 Month Individual Mentorship (very directed and focused on your goals)

  • Group Mentorship (online, shared resources, group dynamics and support)

During each session, you will have the opportunity to talk about your teaching, and work with me to address every aspect of teaching from difficult students, to sequencing classes, to continuing education choices, writing a book, to business plans. We will explore whatever is arising for you as a teacher and find ways for you to move forward with confidence and compassion. 

I am committed and dedicated to this practice of yoga and all it has to offer. As I continue to let go, life just gets better and better. It unfolds as gracefully as we allow it. And to be honest, thus far in my life, it has brought me one amazing reflection after another. One thing among many that I have learned… everything revolves around gratitude and commitment to compassion and truth.  truth = freedom = love. 

5 Empowerment Sessions
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