Led by: Dana Damara & Mark Morford

THIS COUNTS AS 6 of continuing education credits

Saturday, December 1

Yoga Tree Potrero
1500 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103


Mysticism: The belief that everything you think you know is but a shy fragment of a slim possibility. In other words: There’s a vast ocean of spiritual information inaccessible to the intellect (and the fickle senses), and only through contemplation and self-surrender can you truly attain complete union with/absorption into the Divine. I mean, obviously.

Ritual: A regular, dedicated series of ceremonial actions performed according to a prescribed order, giving shape and meaning to the madcap illusion of life. The glue in your divine scrapbook, the meat in your sacred burrito, the rubber on the road of the spiritual path.

Join me and powerhouse yogi Mark Morford for insight (and a sneak preview of our upcoming 2019 Bali retreat) into what life looks like with dedicated yogic ritual and practice. Learn simple techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life that will support your “mystical” connection to Source, God, Soul, Universe, the Absolute… whatever you call that essential life force (prana) that lives inside/courses through you. Simply put, the sooner you begin to align with Truth as often as possible, the sooner you live a life that is actually your own.  


This workshop will include: 

  • Meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and a powerful vinyasa class
  • A quick dive into mantra and how to use your mala beads as tools of prayer
  • Techniques on developing and maintaining a personal practice
  • Essential elements of a morning ritual; saving graces for evening ritual
  • The power of crystals to heal and ground
  • Intro to journaling and how to align with lunar cycles  
  • Yoga Nidra to close the workshop



One of the Bay Area's premier yoga instructors and most provocative writers, Mark Morford has been leading fiery Vinyasa classes, workshops and retreats in SF and around the world since 1999. He’s also an author and an award-winning senior contributor at the San Francisco Chronicle and He was raised by long-eyelashed callipygian wood nymphs and spoon fed dark chocolate, raw pomegranate seeds, Shaiva Tantra mantras and artisan bourbon until he could fly.