I originally enrolled in this training because I was searching for something…I had no idea at the time. But as a workaholic, I wanted to explore the possibility of a work/life balance. My whole life has shifted from this training and I am experiencing boundaries in my life that keep me in touch with my Self. The training is one of the biggest gifts in my life and anyone who goes through the program is lucky to experience it.
— Kimberly Grant

I have been completely broken open. It’s been extremely challenging but more beautiful than anything. So very grateful.
— Heather Lewis

My biggest takeaway was awakening. My profound awakening: I stopped searching for the box I’m “supposed” to fit into and let go of the “should”. I learned to love all the angles of myself - darkness, wildness and all. I learned to honor my girl and that by sharing them, I am honoring the Divine.
— Kaeli Renae

This training was amazing! The transformation that occurred in every single trainee is palpable. I loved how the philosophy was weaved in, how the Chakras were a focus and how almost everything was taught in an experiential way by learning, doing, engaging and discussing.
— Rachael Koss

Everything I’ve learned will help me during this challenging time in my life. Coping, compassion, quieting the mind, deeper spiritual connection, etc. I feel so tremendously supported by the teachers and the tribe, it’s completely overwhelming in a great way!
— Lindsay Nomura

I’ve loved you all – Dana, Leila, Becca – my guides, inspiration and teachers. You have all brought 200% to this training! Your dedication and passion are deeply resonant and feel blessed I was guided here. Love and gratitude.
— Jennifer Brimm

“Start where you are” – this is something Dana said. I’ve always struggled with perfectionism and thoughts of not being enough. While compassion and other practices have helped, applying being in the moment with being good enough right now, really takes the pressure off.
— Sarah Bove

This training has made me more calm when confronted with changes and complications in life. I am also more optimistic about life despite the obstacles that are seemingly impossible to overcome.
— Ha Du

The 200-hour training was amazing. The training with Dana is much more than just learning ‘how to teach yoga.’ Dana has an incredible gift for inspiring growth and change in the places in your life where you are most stagnant. I came into the 200-hour as a beginner yogi, and a type-A busy professional going through a period of transition. I found personal growth in all aspects of my life — physically, emotionally, academically, and spiritually.

If you are considering taking the training, I very much recommend making the leap (don’t worry about all of the things you think are obstacles). It is a big investment, but absolutely worth it. It changes you in the best way possible.
— Alexandra K. Davis

I look forward to learning more through this practice and community. This means more to me that I had ever anticipated.
— Justine Thomas

I loved how Dana would focus so much on getting us to connect to one another in so many powerful ways. I would not change that! It’s one of the most valuable parts of this training. The training was as impactful and life changing because of Leila and Dana. Your energy, spirit, love was such a primary component, and my suggestion if you continue this training is to have teachers who share this same presence.
— Jenny Lyell

I really enjoyed the sense of community that you both, Dana and Leila instilled. You helped open us up mentally and emotionally and made me feel that I was in a safe place. I truly feel that I am part of a tribe that care about one another and support each other in every way!
— Danielle Bates