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This training will satisfy all levels of interest in a yoga path. If you are intending to obtain a 200 Hour RYT from the Yoga Alliance, all portions of the training are required. We understand that family issues may arise and you may need to miss time for one reason or another. We allow 2 hours per month to be missed due to emergency issues only. You will be required to make up missed time according to the curriculum and guidelines set forth by the instructor(s).

We do encourage enrolling in the entire program as it will prove to be a progressive, spiritual growth – one month building on the next.

Your fee will allow you access to our interactive, private Facebook group.. This page will offer you social networking – Sutra Discussion and philosophical insight from everyone enrolled in this course.


We realize that everyone has different intentions regarding why they wish to enroll in a yoga training program. We also realize that everyone has various financial situations. Our intention is to make the training affordable to as many people as we can. Therefore, we have created two payment options to accommodate the various populations.

Payment options include all contact and non-contact hours required for your training as well as unlimited yoga classes with your instructors during thre course of training. Payment options do not include props or books required for the training.

For Fall 2019 training, early bird pricing is as listed below:

Non-refundable $500 deposit to secure your space to be submitted with this application. Applied toward tuition.
Option 1: $2975 if paid in full before April 15, 2019
Option 2: $3175 if paid April 16 - July 15
Option 3: $3575 if paid after July 15
Option 4: $1900 to be paid immediately and $1900 to be paid by September 1, 2018

For all pricing information, please visit

All payments can be made online at Dana Damara's Website

We understand that Yoga Teacher Training is a large commitment of both time and finances. With that in mind, and to offer our teacher trainers a full and supported program, we have created the following cancellation policy: Following your purchase of teacher training tuition, you have a 30-day grace period. If you decide teacher training is not right for you during that time, we will happily refund everything except your $500 deposit. Following the 30-day grace period, your tuition will not be refunded.


Please see the link above for up to date reading list information. All books can be purchased via Amazon online, with the exception of Oms from the Mat, which can be purchased on my website or in person. Please purchase these books prior to your first training date.

The Living Gita – by Sri Swami Satchidananda

The Sutras by Patanjli – by Swami Satchidananda

Oms from the Mat – Dana Damara

The Key Muscles of Yoga – Ray Long MD, FRCSC

Anatomy Coloring Book, The (4th Edition) - Wynn Kapit and Lawrence M. Elson Living Your Yoga – Judith Lasater


We will provide props for you to use but you are encouraged to bring what you need.

You will be spending time inside, outside, moving and sitting still. Therefore please bring snacks you need, water you want, tea or whatever else will make you feel comfortable. Additionally, we recommend to bring layered clothing so we can be prepared for temperature fluctuations.

Bring a journal and whatever other mode of documenting you would like.


Below are some questions that we recommend you review and answer prior to attending our training. They are not required and are only for your review and contemplation. Our intention with this training is to allow instructors and/or practitioners the time and space necessary to find passion in their yoga practice. Asking themselves why they love yoga and then why they want to bring yoga to others. We believe that when a yoga instructor is passionate and understands the root of that passion – they can then facilitate that same passion from their students. Along our path of discovery, growth and transformation, we have the opportunity to change our thinking patterns, limiting beliefs and thought processes. This is a process that requires reflection and honest self-communication. We encourage you to read and reflect on these questions at the beginning of the training and then revisit them at the end. Use additional paper if necessary or use this as your first entry in your journal.

  • What brought you to yoga? What inspires you each day to practice or teach others? What are your top 5 passions in life?
  • Who would you be if you were living to your Highest Self? When we embark on a “spiritual” journey we are faced with our selves – open and honestly. What have you found out about yourself that you would like to improve upon that will bring you to your Highest Self?
  • Many individuals during their lifetime develop thought patterns or beliefs that either work or do not work for their quest for inner peace. Can you define thought patterns or beliefs that may inhibit your growth to your Highest Self? How can you change that pattern of thinking and/or replace it with something that is more in alignment with Who You Are?
  • What are some of the major obstacles you have encountered in your practice and what is most present right now? How do you resolve these obstacles?
  • Often, we talk about taking your practice “off your mat”. Give an example of when this made sense to you. How would you convey that to your class?