Saturn Oil


Saturn Oil


Cypress, Cedarwood, Aboravite, Frankincense
Tigers Eye

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Saturn: This astringent essential oil blend represents the sage, and keeper of time, Kronos (Saturn). It contains oils that have sedative, expectorant, digestive, and analgesic qualities. The combination of oils increases fertility and libido in men, smooths out wrinkles and gives new life to aging skin (cellular regeneration), and addresses cellulite, prolapses, asthma, fatigue, melancholy and erratic mood swings. Each bottle created with care and precision to align you with the Planet.  Use to connect more directly with the essence of this planet. (Earth)

Each bottle is personally hand crafted by Dana Damara, Reiki Master and creator of 13 Moon Mystic. The oils used in each blend have been intuitively chosen and are organic and therapeutic grade only. Crystal rollerballs are used in every bottle and each blend has small crystals at the bottom to create a sense of connection with the Earth. She places the oils and the crystals under the Full Moon for optimal resonance. Each bottle is infused with Reiki energy and held in its highest form via ritual and intention before they are sent to you.  Perfect for Moon Circles, personal ritual, and gifts for others. Purchase each one separately or together as a set of 5. A full set of 5 comes with a Rose Quartz Crystal and 20% off your first astrological reading with Dana Damara.


  • Handmade

  • Reiki Infused

  • Moon charged crystal roller balls

  • Therapeutic grade/organic oils

  • Volume: 10.5ml

  • Gift message available

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