I grew up in the Midwest, in a community that didn’t offer much in the way of consciousness or activism.  I always knew there was something more - something that would offer a depth and sensitivity of the heart.  I felt constricted in the Midwest, not knowing how much the ocean would expand my soul.  

In my early 20’s I moved to San Diego where my life expanded to include beach living, Sunday markets, global travel, a home on yachts, literally changing the “port” of my home on a monthly basis.  Gypsy living suited my soul as I traveled the globe on the ocean. Dancing in many places on the planet - living a life most only dreamed about.  And then marriage showed up and blessed me with two amazing daughters.

These lovely angels were what brought yoga and presence to my life on a level I never knew existed.  The “yoga” became real - my eyes opened  to what the meaning of “to yoke” and “to unite” really meant once I became parent.  On a quest for “normal”, I moved to Portland, Oregon but after several years, realized my soul needed the ocean once again.  

I was drawn to the vibration of the yoga community in San Francisco and relocated to the hub of consciousness, breath, asana, and the “hippie yogic lifestyle” that held rich culture and cutting edge learning.  Living in Marin and teaching in the city suited my desire for living in the moment, but my bones cried out for warmer weather, a simpler lifestyle as a momma of two teens, and access to the ocean waves on a daily basis.

After being away for 14 years, I followed the call of my heart and went home to Southern California. In my time away I cleared debris, alchemized trauma, and was able to truly see into the depths of my heart and soul.  I was able to drop deeper into who I was all along.  Now I am blessed enough to reside and teach in Encinitas, travel back to my tribe in the Bay Area, and traverse the globe just like a true momma gypsy following her passion does. 


Breath, deep conversation, sensual movement and all things that spark my heart.  Deep belly laughs that create wrinkles around my eyes.  The sound and feel of the ocean on my skin, sun on my face, sand in my toes, and all over my car.  

Riding my bike to work, messy hair, all day beach excursions that end up in sunsets and bonfires.  Sushi, veggie grills, healthy juices and almond lattes.  Epic wine with friends, music that speaks to my soul, dancing that pulses with the rhythm of my heart.  

Embodying the Goddess, singing her praises daily. Mantras and malas at sunrise, journaling at night. Sound vibration that rearranges my entire cellular structure.  Stalking the Moon, the planets and the stars.  Essential oils, crystals and anything I can’t quite put my finger on but can feel it in my bones.  Shamanism, Tarot, synchronicity, Divine timing and “random meetings.”  

Listening to teenagers talk, gossip, and get ready for a football game.  Hair straightening and curling, and perfume that is NOT organic but illuminates my home.  Fresh baked brownies with caramel and sea salt, a marathon of Grey’s Anatomy with my kids on the couch. 

Anything with my girls while they will have me. 


Encinitas, Solana Beach, Cardiff, La Jolla and Shelter Island - where I call home.  Bali, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe. Italy, Spain, France, and Greece.  Egypt, South Africa and anywhere a boat will allow me to see.  The California Coast, the East Coast, NY City Chelsea Pier, San Francisco Castro District, Seattle on a warm day. Lake Tahoe, Telluride, Colorado Rockies and yes, the Baja Coast. Anywhere the mountains hold me or the ocean soothes me.  Anytime I can rock up in my chair, put on my beach hat and allow Mother Earth to sooth my soul.  

On the mat, my passion is proper alignment, powerful breath and effortless flow. Time on your mat is sacred space where you find more depth, authenticity and integrity in your life,” Damara says. She believes that how you show up on your mat can be directly related to how you show up in your life. “When we begin to integrate this truth and see ourselves with compassionate awareness, we are liberated from any illusion that holds us back from moving out into the world.”