I have a question for you. That's all, just one simple question...

What’s your yes for this year?  Do you know?  Because if you don’t, you could get swept away in too many directions or worse, on the wrong path, just because you’re not sure what your yes is.

How do you know what your yes is?  Is it on Google?  In your notes?  In your social media feed? 

Nope … the yes is in your heart.  Not in your mind, but in your heart.  It’s that feeling you get in your belly honestly, the one that jumps a bit when you think about what’s to come. Just before you say yes. That feeling, deep in your bones, when you know that saying yes is going to lead to so much epic expansion. 

Yeah … that. 

I’ve said yes this year already to multiple things that have scared me.  But I am a yes person.  I feel like life is a smorgasbord and honestly, I’d rather say yes than not. Now, this has gotten me in trouble in the past because I’ve over committed.  So to be transparent, I’ve been much more discerning these days. 

The key is knowing what’s important to say yes to. 

And that varies from person to person obviously.  If it scares you, it’s worth it to ask what’s on the other side of that fear.  Is the fear rational or not?  Is the fear coming from an old belief that’s just not real?  Because if it is … and you’ll know it after some authentic inquiry … I say, say yes and move beyond that fear.

I also think if it has to do with matters of the heart to absolutely say yes.  Here’s why: 

Fear and love cannot co-exist.  So when there is fear, there is no real love.  However, when love is real, fear loses its power.  Which is really what is necessary on this planet right now. 

More love. 
Less fear. 

In the past few years I’ve said yes to leaving my “home” in the NW and starting over in San Francisco. I’ve said yes to single parenting my two girls... not knowing what I was doing, but loving so deeply, I couldn’t really go wrong.  I’ve said yes to taking on assistants to support me in my work, who are loving what they are doing and hitting the ball out of the park.  I’ve said yes to living in a community where the rent is so ridiculously expensive, but I believe in the power of community, so I stay. I’ve said yes to zip-lining which is one of the scariest things I’ve done to date.  And, I’ve said yes to extending my trip in Costa Rica in order to spend time with someone whom I love deeply and fully. I’ve said yes to opening my heart – loving myself, my daughters, my support team, my friends and this life.  And I regret nothing …. Not one thing. 

My yes … is to love.  To love deeper and more powerfully that I’ve ever imagined.  My yes … is to experience joy and laughter.

My yes … is to live in truth – and nothing less.

What is your yes.  Know it, claim it … do it now.