I have a question for you. 

What do you value?  In your life?  About your life?  What’s important to you?  Who do you value? What does it mean to value something?  What do you hold near and dear to your heart, your mind, and your thoughts?  This is important information to know, because your value system affects all areas of your life. 

I am a firm believer that your thoughts create your words, and then your words create your life.  So for me, I value my thoughts.  I value where they come from, and what they mean. I continually ask, “Are these my thoughts or are they old paradigms passed down from someone else?”  Or worse yet, “Are these thoughts really a completely influenced illusion, based on something I’ve witnessed in the 1D world of technology and social media?”

I value the breath and the space it offers me to discipline my thoughts.  I value my emotions, as they are the gateway to my subtle body that cleanses all the old so I can witness new; over and over again. 

I value time deeply – even though I am well aware that it is an illusion.  More specifically, I value how I spend my time engaged in meaningful exchange with self or others.  I value my daughters and the lessons they offer me in their wisdom and grace.  I value myself, and the path I have walked and I value each and every lesson along the way.  

It’s important for you to know what you value.


It’s important for you to know your own value.

This week’s numerology and astrology are all pointing at you.  

Yes, you.  
Your value, your self-worth,
your ability to be more vulnerable and call Divine love into your life.  
And it begins with you.  

Nothing outside of you will hold a resonance of your value unless you allow it to.  So this week I encourage you to look inward.  If you want other people to value you for who you are, you must be the leader of that demonstration.  

Leading up to the Full Moon this weekend, Saturn will square Chiron offering you opportunities to be more open and vulnerable which will usher true love into your life.  And remember true love starts with you, so start valuing YOU!

The Sun trines Neptune, urging you to be social, experience joy and connection with others.  There is deep value in intimate connection. Pay attention to those individuals circling in your aura right now.  Why?  Because they are a reflection of you … yes you. 

Venus sextiles Saturn which brings in relationships that offer dynamic creativity along a meaningful path of common goals that elevate consciousness in yourself and others.  Again … this all starts with loving and valuing YOU.  So simple isn’t it?

All this leads up to the Full Moon in Taurus, while the Sun is still conjunct Jupiter. This aspect is sensual, earthy, calming and very magical.

Summon in and claim your highest vibration of self-love, self-care, and self-worth. 

When you value yourself, the resonance at which you operate elevates. When that happens everything up-levels and your world becomes a magical existence and playground for experience, exploration and discovery.