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We are offered countless opportunities to up level our vibration on any given day. And this doesn’t mean:

1.              We are perfect;
2.              We are better than anyone else; or
3.              We have achieved something in our life.

No. Actually, up leveling means that we are now more aware.

More aware of our thoughts, our actions, our words and more aware of how we function in the world. We are more aware of how we show up in relationship, what we want in life and how to get there. We look outside ourselves and witness the reality and truth of what IS.

Up leveling gets you nowhere in particular, but more awake. And, if you’re doing it “right,” you are always offered the opportunity to up-level; whether or not you take that opportunity is entirely up to you.

Up leveling your vibration is not all that easy. It’s actually quite challenging because it requires letting go of old stuff and moving into what you may LABEL as unfamiliar. It’s actually easier to get snagged by limiting beliefs, old patterns, and the lower vibration of other people in your path, than it is to raise your own vibration. Now with social media, it’s so easy to get distracted by all the publicly announced accomplishments of everyone else than it is to focus on your own stuff. Raising your vibration requires work, there’s no doubt about it.

I was laughing this week because well, this theme is so resonate with me right now. I was sitting there, going through my task list for the week and amidst the “blog post, social media training/posts, enter emails, update site” was “prepare for meeting with Dove, get processes outlined for assistant, send grant proposal to Lululemon, prepare for meeting with potential business manager, read through proposal from book publisher.”

But wait … then, on my other post-it pile, there was, “reformat computer, take photos off phone, update and back up phone, complete relocation order for children, and get summer schedule for kids together.”  Needless to say, I went to Juice Alley, decided to juice this week; and ran up and down the Lyon Street steps all week long just to clear my head and heart.

That is up leveling – having a lot happening at one time and being able to see above it. Noticing the “balls in the air” and recognizing how each one is integral to the other. Becoming extremely aware that something is shifting, noticing that this may have been offered before, but this time, you will do something different to support the elevation. And in all this shifting, you get a bit uncomfortable but you do it anyway. Because in that uncomfortable space, something does shift. It’s a release of old patterns; it’s a letting go of old beliefs, and it’s a trust that this time will be different because you are different. We up level our energy when we:

1.              Look at the stillness and locate our distractions;
2.              Recognize what is holding us back and sit in the un-comfortableness;
3.              Take care of old “business” or “karma” that weighs us down;
4.              Acknowledge our greatness and move toward it; and
5.              Embrace the truth that we deserve all the amazingness coming our way.

Up leveling, sharing our gifts, learning, growing, letting go and shining anew, is why we’re here.

Renew --- rethink --- realign --- reignite --- rewire

Shift everything you think you know into an up-leveled version, which means, you may think you do not know what you’re doing but on some level, I promise you do. And when you leave the familiarity with no promise of something bigger or better … you will fall into a flow that is so familiar, you won’t remember what it was like before.