I can’t even begin to define this any better than my teacher Janet Stone: 

“Svadharma: to find and follow the path of one’s own being.

By bringing attention and intention to our natural gifts and inclinations, we discover, then step firmly onto the path within yoga that will most nurture our self-understanding, our awakening, and the realizing of our divine nature.”

Yes … that.

In this life you have a path.  It meanders, it rolls and it detours.  You take steps, one by one, along your path.  You take some confidently and some you take with great risk, overcoming fear.  Some steps are made with an awakened sense of being while others are unconscious wanders in a direction that seems to suit that moment and that moment only.

You may look back on the steps you’ve taken and wonder if you had even been on the right path at all!  You may be filled with regret: “I wish I hadn’t spent so much time in that – doing that … being that … feeling that.”  But the truth is “that” was perfect.  It was Divinely guiding you to the next chapter of your path.  You couldn’t have been here without “that” … whatever that was. 

And more often than not you will get distracted.  You will hop onto other people’s paths because it looks more interesting, enticing or exciting than yours.  You can’t possibly be on the right path!  It’s boring, it’s lacking, it’s hurting. 

But here’s the deal … your path in life isn’t always this perfect stroll down the yellow brick road.  In fact it’s peppered with hurt, disappointment, confusion, and challenges offering you a broader scope of your highest BEing.  A larger lens to truly see who you are and what you are capable of. 

But your path is YOUR PATH… it’s yours to walk.  And once you embrace it, you know deep down that everything is Divine, everything is perfect, and instead of questioning the route, you begin a continuous dialogue of self-inquiry. 

Inquiry that asks … why is this person/situation here for me?  What am I meant to learn/contribute here?  Inquiry that expands your heart and your mind to a level of such empathetic compassion that in the darkest of time you know that “this too” is part of it all.

And when you are on your path, through all its trials, triumphs and tribulations – you realize you are a magnet.  You’ve been this magnet all along but you really get it now.  Because everything that you need to thrive on this path begins falling into your lap.  Your trials become lessons. You tribulations become breakthroughs. And everything is in it’s Divine order – you just know it. 

Here’s what I do every morning … I ask. I ask to be guided to my Highest good in all situations.  I ask that I am offered multiple opportunities to share my gifts. I ask that it is clear to me, through intuitive guidance, that I take steps along a path that is mine and mine alone to journey. 

This reminds me in every moment that Divine connection will always lead me to a deeper connection to the authentic nature of why I’m here.  Just ask.