I send this out to all women who are ready for partnership. Not because they need it or they are not whole without it, but because they know, deep in their bones, that when they thrive, the planet thrives.  They know that it is the way of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine to BE in partnership.  They understand that the way of a patriarchal society is over and we are calling our partners home.

I am ready for a man in my life because I want partnership. I do not NEED a man per-se, but instead yearn for a partnership that makes me feel alive and supported every day when I wake up.

And he needn’t be in my physical presence every day either. Daily communication is important to me, but physical presence isn’t paramount.

Energetic connection is what fuels my soul and it fuels his as well. We know we are connected and won’t need a marriage document telling us that we are committed. We are fully committed and devoted to each other and need no other partner outside of this relationship.

I know when we are together physically, that I can crawl into bed at night and rest in the comfort of his warm embrace. He isstrong and courageous and is there for me when I get home. He isn’t just physically holding me at night, he is big enough andstrong enough to hold my emotions, my fears, my worries. So much so that they dissolve into his masculinity. I am fueled by his presence alone, for that is what I need to continue my work on the planet as a Goddess, a mother, and a truth seeking spiritual warrior. The presence of the Masculine.

Because of this energetic support, I am free to not only do my work in the world, but I am able to support and love him for his Godlike presence. For he has work to do as well, and needs the support of the Goddess. I am open to showering him with love, affection, intimacy and sexual connection beyond his wildest dreams because that is what he needs to be the man he desires to be in the world. Adoration, gratitude, and a deep bowing to his greatness.

He is so confident in himself and his purpose that when we come together there is not you and me, there is only “us.” He loves my children immensely but doesn’t try and replace their father. Instead he shows them what it means to be a man in the way he treats me as his partner and them as little Goddesses. He has no problem supporting me in my parenting if I ask but shows up in support of me, and that is enough.

I am ready for someone I can work with; who shares the same passions as me and is putting it out into the world. We find a common thread where we can spend some of our time sharing our passions while healing the planet. We do have work that takes us away from each other sometimes, and when we come together we are fueled by the separation. We are as comfortable in the space between us as we are in the connection when we are together.

I am ready to receive the man who completes me sexually. Who knows just how to light my internal fire and who can excite me just by breathing in my presence. Who can touch me so slightly and ignite a yearning for intimate connection no matter where we are. I have no problem waiting days, weeks even, for his touch if our work keeps us apart. But my appetite for sexual and intimate connection is one that needs to be fed: continuously. An orgasm is a powerful way to ignite Shakti and creativity, and when I am being fed in this way, my work and connection with everything outside of that thrives. It is essential to this powerful Goddess. Nothing fake about it.

There is enough-ness in cuddling and spooning to be sure, but there is nothing like a man who can keep up with me in the bedroom, surprise me sexually, and stimulate this Goddess incarnation.

My man must be able to stand up to me. NO PUSHOVERS please. NO YES man thank you. He must desire and partake in open, authentic, supportive communication that is beneficial to the growth of both parties. He must be able to look at himself at times and be open to shifting, as I am open to doing the same thing. We both understand that in relationship people shift and grow and if we can lovingly be that support that for each other, the bond is special and divine.

He will fall into his ego at times, and so will I. And when that happens each of us will hold space for the other’s moment of hesitation into expansion, and drop into what is real. We will come back to the heart where only love resides and BE that for each other. We know our arguments, miscommunications and misunderstandings happen in times of growth so we both support these instances with grace, compassion and love.

My man has claimed me and he is not afraid to say it. Everyone knows how much he adores me because he isn’t shy about admitting it. Public displays of affection are necessary and a part of our existence. He is excited to see me, be with me, and knows that I am special. He bows to my existence and adorns me with love, grace, sex, space and gifts he knows that please me. He surprises me often with trips away, time alone and precious examples of his love. His gifts never need be some grandiose display that is over the top. I know my man loves me because I get his time, love notes and sweet displays of what speaks to my heart.

He is financially secure and owns his own home. When the time is right, I may move my children and I into his home, or we may find a place together that is “ours”. My daughters each have their own room because he understands how important it is for a Goddess to have her space. And we have a workspace where we can meditate and work in the stillness of nature. We all go to the beach, to Sonoma, on random trips and we are comfortable staying home and playing games enjoying time together. He even takes my daughters out on dates alone once the timing is right; just so they know the importance of courtship and of having a man take care of them as a feminine Goddess.

He knows he can cry in front of me and be himself in all forms. He knows that I am a strong warrior Goddess and can hold space for that little boy every now and again as well. He knows that when he comes home I am here for him in whatever form is necessary. He isn’t afraid of dissolving his ego over and over again and can find ways to work through his stuff with and without me. I am a container that holds infinite space and he uses it wisely. He knows he can be himself in all forms and that I have the capacity to love it all as one. 

He sees all of me. He is witness to all dynamics and intensities of my soul: the Goddess, the warrior, the Momma, the entrepreneur, the space holder, the woman, the little girl … he navigates them all with grace and ease and knows how to feed each side and let each side be.

He is confident and knows that once I have committed I will never leave. I have attracted my sacred masculine and I am devoted to that connection and intimacy. He is special and so am I. He is conscious and so am I. We love love, sex, travel, intimacy and this planet.

I am open to receiving this man with grace and gratitude, with strength and potency. I have done the work and know that I am perfectly imperfect and worthy of such musings. I am an evolved woman and he is an evolved man. We have been waiting for each other and we will not settle for anything less until we finally gaze into each others eyes, knowing that it is time. That we have found each other.

It is done, it is done, it is done .. and so it is.