This week is big … although honestly, it’s just a big as any other week.  I mean, in every single breath, technically, we are “setting the stage” of our life.  The trick is to set the stage of your life consciously so you don’t end up, 30 years from now asking, how the hell did I get here?

The astrological event that is catapulting us into the next dimension and dynamic creation of our life is the Full Moon, Blue Moon, Super Moon, Lunar Eclipse.  And it’s happening on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 5:37am PST.

If you miss it, not to worry, its energy will embed itself in your heart, mind, and soul.  Everything you are thinking, feeling and doing now will be part of your experience and learning and growing over the next 6 months. 

My questions to you are …

What are you bringing with you?  What lessons are you ready to complete?  What ones still need more observation and contemplation?  Are you ready to be the leader of your life? Are you prepared?  What way are you going?  Are you aligned with the frequency of truth, freedom and love, as you know it to be?

This energy offers you the opportunity to set the stage of your life. 

  • That is, if you are ready to allow it.  
  • And of course, if you have dreamed about it and visualized it, well ... it’s already happening. 
  • If you know what you want beyond a “maybe” and instead a HELL YES!  
  • If you can take accountability for how you are getting in your own way of manifesting it. 
  • And, most importantly … if you are willing to stop the compromising and set the stage for your deepest desires … yes...

I know you know the ones.
It’s go time people.

And that means you can know longer say ...  “I’ll let the Universe handle it.”  While that statement is true and the Universe DOES handle the how, you must play a part in the creation – you must be doing the work. You must be setting the stage and calling CUT when it’s necessary. You must call in new actors and edit the old scripts if you want your life to align.  You must be awake and alive to the signs you’re witnessing in your life and taking nothing for granted. 

Not one single thing.

Everything that is happening right now is happening for you to take notice. For you to embrace and breathe into.  For you to utilize for your curtain call … for your grand entrance. 

It’s a Full Moon Leo Lunar Eclipse … Super Moon, Blue Moon at 11 degrees … again.  A portal of manifesting and creating. You might not see it, but are you willing to let it pass by without preparing for it?  The Moon affects the waves … are you telling me that it’s not affecting you?  Two Blue Moons back to back … Three Super Moons back to back.  I don’t know … maybe there’s some magic here.

Listen … I may be Witchy and Woo-Woo but I’m also very much in my humanness.  This type of astrological event does not happen every day – it really doesn’t.  And considering the state of the world right now… have you honestly thought about what your life would look like if you were living it in alignment with your most Divine purpose? 

It doesn’t have to be forever.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  It just has to be now.  Start setting the stage … The world needs you.