I picked this topic because honestly I stood in awe after the event we did on Mother’s Day for my non-profit, Girls Elevate.  It came to me before the event … for days leading up to it actually.  But I was preparing a thank you note to all the people who were there after the event, and I was in awe of the support that came so easily. 

And then when I looked at that list, I realized that all those people were there in service with their gift, their passion, their purpose, their love of …whatever it was they were offering up.  

And I was honored and beyond grateful.

It got me thinking about all the hours in a day we spend on … whatever we spend it on.  And I wondered how much of that is service?  How much of that can we redefine and look at as service?  How much of what we do are we actually awake for and how much have we desensitized ourselves too?

And then of course I had to then define service for myself, so I could make sense of the rumbling in my head … not my heart, my head.  That’s where the rumbling always takes place.

Here’s my thoughts …

Service, in the end, is truly service to the Divine.  And as far as I know, the Divine doesn’t care if what you are offering up is grandiose, or mundane, or messy, or anything else that you as a human doing has labeled your work to be.

Because I like to think that service is happening in many, many moments during my day.  I’d like to think that for every moment that I’m “doing” something – it’s in service somewhere to someone.  I’d like to believe that when I wake up and say thank you, that in and of itself is service.  And when I decide to make breakfast for my kids, that’s in service.  And when I decide not to in order to serve myself, that’s in service too.  And that when I teach, say hello to the cashier, talk nice to the plumber, try and do math homework, respond to my daughter’s father, or take a moment to breathe before I go to sleep, I’d like to think that all of that is in service to the Divine. 

You see, here’s what I think … and of course, I could be wrong.  But I think that we are all here to live our best lives.  And that doesn’t mean anything else besides …

Be kind.

Yeah, that’s really it.  Be kind.

And be kind in everything you do … and the best in everything you do … and the most awake in all you do.  And when you’re not … and life becomes a bit of a “chore” … decide if it’s time to change course. 

If your life does not feel like a blessed offering of service to the Divine. … start small and believe that it is.  I would bet money you would see that every moment is in service, even the ones that feel mundane or boring.

Breathe into your heart and ask ….

How can I be of service today … in this moment … in this relationship … in this job …

Just ask, because we do have the opportunity in every moment to be of service.  It makes life more like an offering than something we just hurry through.  And that is why we are here … I swear.