I’ve been reflecting a lot lately.  Since Venus went into Retrograde on March 4, 2017.  actually. For those of you who know me personally you know that I have had no choice but to reflect. Actually that’s not true … we always have a choice. It’s our birthright as a Spiritual Being navigating this human experience to make choices. 

Our life, the current situation(s) we find ourselves in, have been a result of our past choices.  That’s truth.  It fills my heart with compassion with I hear, “How did I get here? Why is this happening to me?” Or worse when the gaze is turned outward, “Because of this person, that situation, this energy … that’s why this is happening. Itcan’t possibly be because of me.”

Here’s the truth:  Everything you are experiencing right now is a product of your past thoughts.  And if you sit with that reality long enough, if you reflect deep enough … you will surrender to it.

And … not only that but your thoughts are driven by your emotional state.  So it’s your emotions that drive your experience. 

Did you know that? 

And did you know that your thoughts move faster than your breath … even faster than your heart beat.  Which means that you can’t possible “control” your thoughts in every moment….you can try, you can practice ….

We move so fast, so much in the future or in other people’s business that we don’t take enough time to reflect.  It would do us some good actually.  To be able to take random moments a day to reflect, on our actions, our thoughts, our emotions, the moments in time we had a choice … what did we do? What was the result?  What was the underlying emotion that drove that thought to manifestation?  Was it what we wanted?

I caught myself the other day changing a thought in the moment because I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to create.  That’s mastery.  And it was fleeting … but it was there. 

More of that please Universe.

The other thing to remember is this …

What we are experiencing is reflecting our thoughts … People, situations, experiences … it’s a mere reflection.  And you are a reflection for someone else.  Do you know that? 

Our eyes actually reflect … it’s a holographic Universe that reflects from our deep emotional state. 

Can you see that?  Can you surrender to the reality that this is truth.  That this moment in time and this person and this experience is a reflection FOR you?  For you to see what is real?  Within you?

I know that’s a tough one for most.  But it’s true. 

Each moment is a reflection of your past thoughts.  What you believe about yourself is creating your life.  Each person in your life is a reflecting you …

I ask you …are you content with your life?  Could you use some refinement?  A sharp right turn perhaps?

You direct it … you allow it .. you create it – what are you reflecting?  Take a moment each day and reflect … and then being to minimize that space between emotion, thought and reaction.  Watch your world shift immediately.