We are definitely assimilating and recalibrating with all the recent shifts in astrological energy we’ve experienced lately aren’t we?  If you’re not feeling that, I encourage you to slow down and take a breath.  Listen deeper.

Since February 2017, we’ve been shifting – a lot.   And in August 2017, we received a huge wake up call.  This is no joke.  The patterns of Mother Earth and Father Sky get it.  We try to fight it or ignore it, but they are always working together to refine what we think is “just fine as it is” ….

Newsflash … it’s not.

The planets have aligned perfectly in order for us to expand the way we see things.  The way we see ourselves and step into our power.  The way we heal past wounds and forgive.  The way we love and let go. 

Just because we have access to information instantly, does not mean we are processing that information in the most conscious way possible.  Knowing that we don’t breathe while we text really keeps it in the simplest form possible. 

No breath + quick thought = reactive state.

Nothing good can come of that from what I’ve seen.  So instead of inviting everyone to get on their mat (although I wish it WERE mandatory), I’m instead offering the idea of refinement. 

Of our breath, of our thoughts, of our posturing, of our decisions, of our perception.

Basically refinement of everything.

For those of you who know me, you know that I do not believe in “perfecting” a pose. Instead I whole-heartedly subscribe to consistent refinement.  I mean, how can you ever perfect a pose?  Every time you step on the mat, your body is different.   So you can “move toward” the perfect pose for your body in each moment, but it will never look the same.  Ever.

So you’re always refining … not perfecting.  It’s not like you “get anywhere”, you just … “are”.

And really, what does the posture on your mat represent?  It represents how you’re posturing yourself in life.  How you look at yourself.  How you judge a person or situation.  How you perceive things.  How you respond. 

All relatable to how you function on your mat. 

This week has been all about refining our process. How we process info, how we “get” to who we are, how we assimilate new information, and prioritize the details of our life. 

If we can create a plan of “where we want to go” and “how we want to get there” … we must remember too, that we’re just vessels working toward remembering the light and magic within ourselves.  Remembering our deep connection to our soul, the Earth, and the Sky.  Remembering that we are all truly one, and not just when we say “Namaste.”  But mostly when we are smoothing out the rough bits, the calloused edges, and the jagged pieces that brought us to this work. 

There is no end goal in the refining process. It's like smoothing out a stone and turning it 'into' a finely polished crystal.  The reality is that 'stone' was always perfect; it always caught the light from a Divine place.  And, every time it gets polished or is held in a different way, it catches the light in a unique, profound way. 

All equally important and meaningful.

That rock is continually exposed to time and nature's elements so it’s always shifting.  Always.  And, the Sun (and all the planets) shift, and the way you see that shimmer will shift along with the cycles of the Moon and all that we can’t even see!

So how can anything ever be perfect?  It just can’t.  We just refine ourselves, our views, and our breath. 

That’s it!

Refine your practice and how you view the world and how you hold space in it. It’s the most magical journey ever.