Om Bolo Shri Sat Guru Bhagavan Ki… Jai!

You open the heart; you say YES but then why do your dreams not manifest?  Why then are you still overwhelmed?  Why do you still search?  Why are you still working so damn hard to figure it all out?  Still wallow in the drama?  Pay attention to the small stuff?  Allow others ideas to influence your thoughts and actions?  Why do you continue to allow the outside stuff create your life?  How long can you continue to miss the big picture… the destiny that you mapped out for yourself before you signed up for this life on Earth?  How much longer are you going to allow that to be your story?  When are you really going to show up as your Self with a capital S?

What is it?  What is it going to take? 

Usually, for most, it takes a kick in the ass by the Universe.  A loss of something in your material world; something you are attached to gets taken away… those types of things usually push people to new heights of awareness.   But only after you can crawl out from under the rubble of pain, anguish and victimization of that loss. 

Sounds like a lot of energy spent if you ask me.  What if it really was easier than that?  What if it really was as easy as living from your heart, listening intently and then having faith? 

I just re-read the blog from last month on clarity and I was blown away.  When I write, I really don’t know where it comes from…it’s just heart centered; never thought out.  I treat my writing as one of my most powerful gifts.  I consider the fact that God is speaking to me so I should probably listen up. 

So needless to say, I took this theme of clarity very seriously.  I went home and created a sacred space with a special alter; I committed to a daily meditation practice every morning and every evening.   I became very aware of my energy and how I was using it – manifesting powerful teachers who could further that learning for me.  I found breath in every single stressful moment; I paused before I spoke; I looked people in the eyes when they were talking to me.  I turned off the alerts on my phone.  I shut my eyes to sleep (on most nights anyway) by 10pm. 

I asked… “How can I serve?  Point me to my path.  I didn’t ask how… I said ok.  I said, “Allow me to hear the voice of intuition above all else.  Let me say yes without fear.”  I paid attention to the outside world but only as if it were a movie made just for me.  And guess what?  Clarity came.  Profound clarity.  Ear ringing, angel singing, goose-bump rising clarity. 

And all along the way, the “signs”, the “omens”, the “coincidences” were never questioned.  They werewelcomed with gratitude.  I never once turned away from the Universe saying things like, “I can’t BELIEVE this is happening!”  Or questioning by proclaiming, “REALLY?  I’m not sure I can handle this.  This is too much for me.” Or “I can’t do that!” 

I believed that each moment was a sign…each moment was a gift.  Even the ones when I was called out on my lack of presence, patience, authenticity and judgment.  I welcomed each moment, it showed up with vulnerability and unconditional love for myself and for the person or situation.  I detached completely from what I thought I knew and gave in to what IS.

Where is this going?  To receptivity:  being completely open to what shows up, for REAL this time, with NO conditions.  It’s a gift to live from your heart; loving so deeply you can feel your heart vibratingand swelling to its most expanded expression.  It’s an even greater gift to see, with laser sharp intensity and clarity, your path, your vision, your destiny.  So now.. .there it is.. now what?

Plan?  Ask how? 

No, breathe it in… give thanks… allow the Universe, allow God to give it to you.  Give it space to breathe and come to you fully.  Allow the pieces of the puzzle to present themselves in their Divine time.  You will know the EXACT moment it’s time to move into that space.  You will know EXACTLY what to do when it is time.  Every single thing you need will be given to you, as if by magic.

I’m ready…are you?