Photo courtesy of Rich Van Every.

As yogis we have the tools to be conscious of the impact we make on the world, and a calling to use them. Let's take action. For more information about Standing Rock, businesses to boycott, and ways to support the Standing Rock Sioux read this article

I have to be honest and say that I have had a challenging time staying completely in the light these days. When I look outside myself, I witness such hypocrisy, negativity, affluenza, anesthetization, and violence. It can be debilitating for this mystic momma. I get this urge to run and quickly step back into the light; to tune everyone out, and put my rose colored glasses on and keep them on.

I haven't had this feeling in awhile and it’s very uncomfortable.

I am sitting at a cross road and it's a challenging time to say the least. I like my comfort zone that I have worked so hard to step into - don't we all? And then I read the stars, study the Moon, and all the aspects and everything gets clear.

It's time to manifest love and abundance and connection. If we can remember that what we put our energy and emotions toward grows ... that one simple Law … we can shift our perception. Without ignoring or becoming obsessed with what's "out there" - can we stay in the light?

Can we use the power of Jupiter and Venus to stay in love? To trust love? To surrender to what feels good and right and whole? Can we stay out of fear and surrender?  Because everything that is in the stars right now with this New Moon is asking you to do just that.

When I thought about the theme for the week, the phrase that kept coming to me was “pray for peace.” 

This theme came to me as a consequence of being obsessed with the photos and media surrounding all the brave souls and their courageous action at Standing Rock.

Last week I was enjoying Thanksgiving in Arizona, indulging in the “good life” with my children and distant family, and celebrating life and love.  While I was there I couldn’t help but think about, dream about, and visualize these brave souls at Standing Rock.

How I yearned to be there, on the front line, with my girls, with my tribe, standing for such a cause so great and worthy and necessary. And all I could do was pray for peace.  Over and over again, pray for peace.

And then I realized that the yearning for what was NOT PRESENT in my life, in that moment, was actually an unrest within my own soul that rippled out into the Universe.   That actually yearning for something that was not in my reality, was counter balancing the peace that I was praying for. 

Meaning … as I prayed for peace and wished for something different, I was doing nothing to actually benefit any situation outside of myself.

Because why?  It’s making peace in our own unrest where we begin the process of healing and actually making a difference.  And re-member that in that inner peace that we feel inside, is where the alchemy takes place.  It’s there, and in that moment that we realize how powerful we are.

Peaceful thoughts create peaceful living.
Peaceful living contributes to thoughtful and conscious decisions.
Conscious decisions create change.

I encourage you to please pray for peace.  I invite you to sit, at the very minimum, for 5 minutes a day and regulate your breathing.  Do nothing but breathe in light and peace.  Breathe out worry, doubt or fear. 

In those moments the world make sense, and we live in HD.  We are a beacon, a vessel, a clear channel, and therefore can contribute to the healing of the planet. 

And know this to be true …..

Where you are right now is exactly where you are meant to be.  Nowhere else.  So BE there…. BE awake … BE alive … BE present and BE love in THAT moment.  Do not wish for anything else but peace within your own self.  See yourself as those others you pray for because they are.