I just spent the last weekend in Sedona, Arizona … a place I have loved since I first stepped foot on those Red Rocks 8 years ago.  Yes, eight years ago.  Seems like another lifetime to be honest.  I was in such a different place back then.  Unimaginable that I’m here now; I would have never guessed.  Could have never thought this life into reality.

But somehow I did…

I love my life these days – it’s pretty sweet honestly.  And, it’s not without it’s frustration, it’s humanness, it’s truth, it’s difficulties, it’s heartbreak, and it’s eye opening, heart wrenching, watch-where-you’re-walking-you-might-trip moments.  That’s the name of the game – feel into it all. 

Like many others in my community (both practitioners and students), I’ve spent so many years healing.  Healing my body, restoring my mind, mending my heart, and reintegrating my energy into something that resembles what’s been going on in my soul. It’s taken work … hard, hard work.  It’s been gut wrenching, body depleting, and mind blowing. 

But pivots in our life take that type of approach when we’re headed down the “wrong” road or when we’re hitting the snooze button of our life too many times.  Sometimes healing is “hard work”.  It requires us to go into the depths; asks us to dive in and get into the muck.  And sometimes it takes a few rounds to really get in there and clean out the crud.  I’m not going to lie – healing takes dedication to the process of becoming something new that is unknown, and that takes a ton of courage.

But … can I just say something? And I really hope you are listening.

You are perfect.
You are Divine.
You are healed.
You are exactly where you need to be … right now.  I swear. 

I’m not saying that you don’t have work to do. Because you are here – so there’s still work to do. But can you remember that above all else you are not here just to heal – you are here to love.  You are here to be in JOY!

Here’s what I’m proposing … that you take on this healing thing with a “grain of salt”. That in between your “deep dives”, “tumultuous lessons” and “heart-breaks” you re-member that you are here to love.  To enjoy.  To embrace.  To be in love.  To experience that sweet nectar of connection to each other, to the Divine and to yourself. 

This week's eclipse is the third eclipse in Aquarius that will provide a GORGEOUS breath of fresh air to everything we've been witnessing in our lives.  Steer clear of old patterns and be prepared for a positive pivot in your life. 

A shift in perspective.

We've been sitting in this same lesson(s) since the eclipse from February 2017.  When the ball really started rolling toward truth, freedom, and love.  Where we witness love as love only.  When we began integrating our deepest lessons to date.  We've been side-lined, exposed individually and collectively, run through the ringer, had our heart strings pulled on, fallen into the depths and lifted up by the love of our tribes.  Over the last year, we’ve been offered many, MANY opportunities to see the light in all the darkness. To notice that we are here to love it all - with no exceptions. If you've been paying attention, you may be witnessing patterns that are coming up for review, revision, re-integration, so you can begin seeing things with a bit more clarity each time.  Refinement if you will. Hopefully, you are beginning to recognize that everything moves in favor of the evolution of our own soul.  Everything. 

It really all does come back to love.

I don’t know about you but I’m taking the positive pivot.  I’m not done healing but I’m putting my rose colored glasses on and I’m leaving them on. No one … and I mean no one, can take them off my face.  Ever. 

Yes.  That’s all … just yes.