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Life moves fast doesn’t it?  I guess in this neck of the woods it does anyway.  Seems like we are all moving faster, responding quicker, filling our calendar, checking our phones for answers, seeing how other people are responding, and blaming the way of the world on something outside ourselves seemingly out of our control.   

I don’t know about you but I feel like I’m a pretty conscious person.  I feel mostly “awake”.  I feel like I can see things from a higher perspective, and recognize the Oneness in it all.  And I also feel like there are days when I’m on a rollercoaster ride that is going too fast for my liking.  And life is just whizzing by so quickly that there’s just not time to process it.  No time to feel it … to inquire … to check in with our Highest Source for clarity. 

This is when we pause.

In the pause there is everything … all heart-seeking-mystics know this.  All fairies in my tribe get this and some of them do it so well that I personally stand in awe of them, as I periodically whirl around in this life! 

It’s challenging isn’t it?  There’s deadlines … and other people’s issues … and things to do and keep up with – especially when you have kids.  But even if there are no children in the picture, there’s still something.  There’s always something.

And it’s our job to inquire if that something is elevating us or depleting us.  Is that something supporting us or blocking us? Is that something teaching us or blinding us?  And most importantly, is that something in alignment with who we are or who we envision ourselves to be. 

I say pause … I say ask these questions … I say dig deep and be honest.

And then I say, make some decisions that are in complete alignment with your heart and where you are going; and not one bit related to what’s happening outside yourself because that is all the dream, that is all the illusion. What’s happening now is a product of decisions you made in the past.  Were those decisions made in truth or illusion?  What’s the path … you must ask.

Just put it down … lay it down … let it go.  Pause.  It will all smooth itself out really soon.