This is such a great word for what we have going on right now isn’t it? People are so very passionate about the problems in the world and how out of hand they have gotten. 

People are passionate about clean water, oil drilling, food and environmental pollution, air pollution, equality all across the board, drugs in the schools, teen pregnancy, alcohol abuse and suicide, killing innocent children in other countries, abandoned and hungry children in our own country, our military and its role, border patrol, building walls, corporate corruption, unsent emails, and our candidates. 

It reminds me of that time, in the Bible, when Moses came and parted the Red Sea.  You remember that right?  I remember the visual on our small television set … really great affects for way back then.  It was chaos, crazy-town, mayhem; and then whoosh, in one wave of Moses’ staff, the “bad” influence was swallowed up by the Sea.

But passion does that …

It’s messy, out of control, and irrational. It comes from a primal place
with most often, no reasoning or logic.

It comes from our own wounding, our own healing, our ancestry;
it’s primal and it’s individual.

It has the potential to be driven and utilized and disciplined … if we are awake to our wounding, our power to heal, and our power to move with the breath of love.


I looked up passion on the Internet and it said:

Strong and barely controllable emotion; intense sexual love, an intense desire for something; outburst of emotion

Taking all this into consideration, I want to clear up a few things and state how I see it honestly, because I believe that our passion, on some level, in this moment, is being misused, misguided, and misunderstood. 

And I say that generally, because we are all offered a purpose, power and passion the day we slide into this world.  And in some way, shape, or form, hopefully, we are encouraged to use that purpose, power and passion throughout our life to grow, heal, evolve, and share.  And some of us do and some of us don’t.

The reality is that all of this, every single thing we are experiencing right now, has been going on for quite some time; years, decades, generations and lifetimes. And I believe that we, along with our ancestors, created it all with our illusions of separation and journey away from love.  Period.

Oh, and I further believe that the only reason we are noticing it now is because we have full access to everything with a touch of a finger. 

And that’s scary and distracting.  Because that takes us off our path; that one nano-second that we open another browser, post something or share something, or respond to a text without thinking, is a moment we could have stayed in our lane of actually doing something.  Of actually using our passion to make change.

Bottom line … we are all being triggered and distracted all in one moment in time.

So here’s my question to you … this has been my question for people for a very long time actually. 

  • Do you know what triggers you? Are you awake to your own issues?  Do you know when they show up to elevate you?
  • Have you spent time healing them?  And not just writing a letter you will never send … I mean down and dirty healing; have you done that?
  • Do you know what your gifts are?  Do you know what talents, skills and abilities you have?  Are you okay with sharing them?  If not, why not? What’s holding you back?
  • What are you passionate about?  What taps into your core and breathes life into your day?  What fuels you in every second?

Here’s mine:  young girls not using their voices; young men trying to be cool to avoid their feelings and inevitably hurting others or themselves; young people hurting each other because they lack empathy, compassion, intuition and self-love; those young people growing up into adults that do the same thing.

Why is this my passion?  Because, I never knew I had a voice, let alone knew how to use it.  Because I never stood up to my dad, my husband, men in general, girls who bullied me, and, I never knew that they were hurting so I grew tougher and tougher and tougher.  Alienating them more and more and more.  I thought that staying small and quiet would make it go away. Ignoring it was always best.

And my story is not unfamiliar to a lot of women; it’s more common than you think.  It actually exemplifies the imbalance of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. 

So what’s my passion?

  • To restore balance to the energies of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine so they may experience Sacred Union in this lifetime.
  •  To bring about healing in my own self via my words, relationships, and work so that ripple affects those I see and those I do not. 
  • To notice distractions that keep me from that path of healing, and choose to resolve them if necessary or dissolve if unnecessary. 

So, I ask you... what’s your passion? Are you using it? Are you wielding your power from a laser sharped focused place and slaying the demons that come into your path?  Or are you sitting mindlessly on the sidelines afraid of your own power?  Or maybe wielding it in a way that instead only creates an uncontrollable burn in your life as well as the lives of others?

Please … wake up to your passion, your purpose and your power. Please … nothing else matters.