The Solar Eclipse opened up a portal that we all had (and still have) an opportunity to walk through.  A portal that supports us in thinking differently, dissolving our burdens, and observing ourselves as we are, in the Now.  

The present astrological events of this New Moon Virgo pretty much at the Autumn Equinox, is bringing it all home.  When we entered this New Moon energy we came in as one thing and are now BEing released as quite another.

This release may happen for us consciously or unconsciously; we may surrender willingly or we may put up a fight.  Either way, the cosmos have a way of aligning things for us whether we like it or not.  Over the years, I have learned to pay just enough attention and given the opportunity, comply.

Everything is lined up for a huge shift in consciousness individually and, if enough of us are open to this shift, globally.  Big changes CAN happen (and they are), if enough of us drop in and listen, and then open to expand into a new reality.

This last month since the Eclipse has brought to light anything that is need of healing … within yourself.  Don’t go looking outside, it’s an inside job!  And anything you create now truly has the potential to be your dream life. If you feel worthy, are willing to accept it all, can release what you think is important but really isn’t, can open to things showing differently than you imagined, and can be patience just a little while longer.  

The beauty, the magic, the connections, the love, the grief, the not knowing, the loneliness, the yearning for partnership, the gratitude, the freedom, the hard work, the surrender, the infinite truth. It’s a reality I created for the evolution of my soul.  Which I am consistently reminded, is a lifelong job.

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara,

Guru Sakshat, Param Brahma, Tasmai shri Guravay namah

It wasn’t too long ago that I was in fear, trying to stand on my own two feet and create the life I had longed for; not long at all.  And here I stand in it completely. 

My realities used to consist of living in an old paradigm of lack and limit.  My actions were ruled by guilt, shame and grief.  An illusion that I had to do it all or it wouldn’t get done.  A misconception that if I let my heart out to be held, it would get trampled on.

Along this journey these patterns and delusions served and protected me somehow.  But over time, and with evolution and expansion, one by one, they dropped from my way of being.  Without them though, I never would have gotten here which is open, vulnerable, raw and in love with this life.

Every step of the way was a current state of “reality” that was challenging and full of karmic lessons and observation.  And now, I am on the brink of a new reality and I always get excited when this happens!  

The truth is, you are living new realities all the time – you are evolving all the time. You can shift and create new realities multiple times in one lifetime. 

I was once told, “the stability that you desire cannot become frozen or static.  The more you create the quicker things move through your life. This is creating; not manipulating but creating.”  

So I ask you, in this New Moon Virgo, what new reality would you like to create?  What needs to shift so you can step into that magic you once believed in as a kid?

The cosmos want to know and so do I honestly.  I ask you to observe your patterns with the deepest self-love and compassion and explore those questions.  Ask yourself what served you in your last reality and what can you let go of in order to leap into your new one.  I know you know what it is, now just do it.