It’s been tough for me to even think about this theme, let alone write about it, with this New Moon in Aries!  But oddly when I sat down to write about it, I realized I was living it. 


Integration … taking what we’ve learned and weaving it into our lives


at least that’s how I define it. 

When we’ve done enough learning, researching, investigating, evaluating, and analyzing for the moment, and now it’s time to try out our new knowledge. 

When we are offered opportunities to use our knowledge and new way of doing things over and over again until it becomes a new habit … an unconscious behavior if you will.

When the rattling in our minds and in our thoughts ceases to exist in that space between thought and reaction because our body has caught up with our spirit, for the moment.

When our brains are full, for the moment, and now the “rubber hits the road”, and we are asked to integrate our teachings as if they were instinctual.

I repeat “for the moment” purposefully because learning in life IS a moment-to-moment process that lasts a lifetime, from what I’m told.  So honestly, we are always learning something new, continually investigating our truth, and evaluating if the information we are being presented with resonates with us or not.  

And eventually, new information that suits our soul on a higher level does become instinctual.  This takes awareness, acknowledgment and work, and isn’t always easy.  However … integration of higher principles of being are why we are here. 

In fact, we are always being asked to lift our vision to a higher level of being. 

And why you ask?  Because the world needs more people to integrate what they are learning.  The world needs more people to stop trying to be perfect and just show up with what they have in their bucket because it will fit just fine.  Because the world needs more people to stand up and use what they have and stop hiding behind their dis-ease of not-enoughness. 

Because we are all learning … we are all practicing … we are all integrating at a level that is in Divine order. 

I remember the first time I used my breath in a stressful situation.  I had been “doing” yoga for about two years.  I was in a very uncomfortable situation and began breathing. I could feel the burning under my skin, coursing through my veins and I kept breathing.  I could feel the urge to express my rage and anger – and not in a healthy way to be sure.  I could feel my arms tingling and my nervous system going awry. 

And I sat and kept breathing.  And after about 10 breaths, everything subsided and I felt better.  I felt more “manageable”. And I realized I had, for the first time, integrated what I was learning. 

Now the breath is normal. Now it happens naturally … as if there is a buffer between me and situations that tend to rattle my cage.  But honestly, I’m still integrating, there is still knowledge to be gained and tools to be accessed; especially with two young daughters hitting teenager years.  Every single day I’m tested at how well I show up as I am … in that moment with my bucket of knowledge. 

We’re continually learning, going deeper into the practice, testing new knowledge, unlocking the potential of infinite studying.  And all along the way … we integrate.  We show up … we give thanks … we ask to be tested … we get tested and we do it all over again.

Wake up … give thanks … repeat.  

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