Photo courtesy of Gaiam and Nicole Howe.

I thought I wrote about this word but apparently I didn’t. So in pure form, I looked it up:

  1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative
  2. The drawing in of breath; inhalation

And this interested me.

The process of being mentally stimulated… creativity and the inhalation.


Let’s start here. I do agree that we find inspiration outside of ourselves. That what we “see” and experience in this life, provides inspiration for us to take a path aligned with our heart.

I further agree that inspiration can be derived from a person, situation, experience, or something we witness outside of ourselves. However … if we truly believe that we live in a holographic universe and things are happening on multiple dimensions, and that everyone we encounter is actually a version of something inside of our own Self, wouldn’t it be true that we actually are full of inspiration all the time? And that our heart is just waiting to express it? And when we “see” it in someone else or something else ... that in that moment in time our heart is deeply connected to Source and all that is and asking us to move into inspiration from our soul?

I don’t know… maybe. (for sure)

And then the whole inhalation thing. I mean … it’s so easy really.

Inspiration comes in through the breath.

We think it comes in through all these other avenues … social media, people, workshops, trainings … but honestly you guys, it lives in the breath. In those epic moments of stillness when there is nothing … and everything.

So here’s the deal …

Stop moving … breathe and listen. Listen intently. Because that breath is the wave of your inspiration. And don’t go looking for anything. That will just create angst and a yearning for something you think you are missing, and you are not.

It’s there.

An inviting mantra would be something like … “I am here to serve. How can I serve today and be my best self? How can I be love. How can I be more in alignment with my purpose; my calling.”

Ask ... and then listen.

The answers will come through whatever channel you are tuned into. And through people and ideas and circumstances. It’s there … just be open.