I woke up Sunday morning, sore from my surgery and the word that came into my mind was healing.  I thought, yes that is the theme. I looked to see if I had written about this before and oddly, I hadn’t.  Which surprised me because well, I’m all about healing.

I believe the body has many layers of density and when we experience any kind of trauma, it holds it somewhere.  Until that trauma is resolved, dissolved, or released, it just keeps building upon itself. Or, it gets shoved aside until we are ready to “heal” with it.  

One powerful fact to remember is that you really can’t rush your healing either.  Thank you Trevor Hall for putting this into words so eloquently. You will heal as deeply as you can, when you can.  And if you try to rush it, you may push past business that has to be tended to first! And then all hell can potentially break loose if you skip a step!

A friend of mine once said, “Your healing is like that closet that has everything in it. If you try to sort through everything at one time, you will get overwhelmed and potentially short circuit.”  Yeah, I get that.

And our body – well it’s a miracle to be honest!!  I mean, this whole ovary thing for me – it’s old. And by old I mean ancestral old.  I’ve been holding trauma in that sweet little ovary for lifetimes. Sacral chakra is our power center – it’s the place we create from and the place we are created from.  It holds ancestral patterns and powerful energy. The sacral chakra is the spot in our body where we hold every bit of our emotional trauma. And honestly, I’ve endured a lot.  Everyone has, and everyone has a story so I won’t bore you with mine … however … I will say this …

Over the last few years I’ve spent a ton of time healing trauma from abuse.  I’ve been on the forgiveness train and sent love to all my perpetrators. I’ve forgiven myself for the times I’ve been the perpetrator.  

I’ve taken on yoga, meditation, NLP, Reiki, Goddess work and Shamanism to explore the depths of my own healing and where I hold onto the stickiness that keeps me from living in joy all the time.  I practice what I preach and hold deep compassion for myself and others.

And I know that since I am still here, there is still healing to be done.  But … and I say but purposefully, I have been, over the last few months saying out loud, things like:  

  • I’m done with this.

  • My God!! I would just like to live in joy for a bit!!

  • Damn, I’m done struggling!!

  • Jai Kali Ma!! If there is anything still left undone or that needs unraveling, please bring me to it gently so I can be complete.  

And then this happens.

And I bow deeply and in full reverence to Kali and Her power.

You see, we cannot step fully into the arms of the other Goddesses until we have passed through our initiation with Goddess Kali.  When we are unafraid of her power, only then can we embrace and surrender to that power within our own self.

And then I looked at the stars for this week like I do.

And guess what?

This week, just before the New Moon Pisces, we have a few aspects that are super healing. (Of course)  Venus square Saturn which means taking responsibility for your inspirational and creative process. Do NOT wait… the time is now! Mars square Uranus, which if used appropriately, could bring you to an old conflict ready for a breakthrough and resolution.  It could be a bit irritable, but remember that at the end of those deep breaths, you can relax into liberation.

And of course, on Saturday, March 17th, we have the New Moon in Pisces.  This is a powerful New Moon that leads us into new dimensions of healing and love.  There is a magical code in the air on this day that almost dissolves us into a new way of being.  The waters of Pisces flow us into abundance, grace, and surrender beyond the pain and constriction we may have been feeling.

Not only that but the New Moon conjunct Chiron – the Healing Warrior and trine to Jupiter which only serves to expand our own awareness to love, joy and healing.  So, in short, this time is all about healing.

Here’s what I know to be true:

  • The magic of love and surrender is what heals us.  

  • The power of intuition and knowing that something is working through us at all times is what guides us.

  • Our hearts hold and know more than we can ever think we know.

  • Our bodies are vessels that carry our souls to a place of peace and harmony, if we allow it.

  • This life is a journey of the heart – which means consistent healing toward love.

  • Life is not measured by the number of epic moments but by the depth of each experience we have with love.  

And with that, I wish you all love, faith, and luck on your journey of healing.

With love, 

XO Dana