Happy Solstice lovely...

In this tipping point, at the pinnacle of light and dark, may you celebrate in wonderment, all the transformations taking place in your life right now.  May you look at the road behind you with satisfaction, respect, and gratitude.  May you look forward at the road ahead, perhaps not knowing exactly where you’re going, but heading upward with trust, devotion, and love. 

Can you pay attention to what is falling from your life, and what is magnetizing, creating momentum and excitement.  May you have the courage to drop what is not working, knowing that it will make the space necessary for something magical to show up gently and lovingly.  

As I mentioned, this last Mercury Retrograde did a number on me. As I look at what I currently “do” on this planet, I am reminded again, about the importance of discernment and clarity.  I will never claim to know it all but I do know that things in my life need a bit more organizing. 

What that looks like, I’m not quite sure, but I’m going to start somewhere and I’m going to start with this Summer Solstice. 

How we present ourselves to the world is an important key to manifesting the life we desire.  And while I love all that I get to “do”, I also value “being”, which I haven’t been experiencing a whole lot of lately.

Starting this week, I will be offering up themes every New Moon instead of very week. Since the New Moon has passed, I start with the Solstice and our theme is Not Knowing.  Yeah… pretty much spot on.

Secondly, I recently found out that most of you do not even know that I wrote a book called Oms from the Mat. You will start seeing more and more from that book and what we’re creating.

Also, I am very aware that the Moon is constantly shifting, therefore every week, we will focus on a posture in class and on line, that aligns with where the moon sits.

I am experiencing radical shifts in what I want to share and things in my own life must shift in order for these offerings to be able to birth themselves.

You will continue to get notifications of workshops and such but I really want to share rich content as opposed to using social media as advertising.  

So, if you want to play with me in a workshop, training, retreat, class or private session, make sure you find that information on my events page both on Facebook and my website.  It will find you when you’re ready, I am sure. 

Thank you so much for your continued support of the work I put out there.  If there is something you want to see, wish I would offer more of, or want to see me drop completely, NOW would be the time to let me know!  Connect with me anytime.

Much love and deep bows of gratitude.

I have a problem.  And I think it’s a problem that a lot of people have.  It’s the “I need to know” syndrome.  Have you heard of it?  It could show up like this:

I need to know what’s next

I need to know how much that costs

I need to know what the weather is like

I need to know where my kids are

I need to know what to do when I arrive at my destination

I need to know what my past lover is doing

I need to know what is happening on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

You feel me? 

I would like to publicly admit that I may never, ever eradicate the need to know.  Mainly because well, there are some things that I really do need to know.

I can honestly say that after this trip to Tulum, I re-membered that I don’t really need to know much.  And not only that but what I do know, will most likely shift.  And some of what I know is a lie or an illusion anyway.  And, most importantly, in the not knowing, there is space for magic, creation, and miracles.

In the not knowing, the Now can occur.  The magic of the Now can usher you toward something unexpected.  The not planning actually makes way for mystical encounters.  And, the not knowing offers an oasis of unimaginable experiences and undeniable clarity.

In the space of not knowing we release control. 

In the space of not knowing we allow spirit to come through and whoosh us away.

In the space of not knowing we say, Thy will … not My will.

I’m not saying I will never “need to know” again.  What I am saying is that I am committed to being in the not knowing a lot more …starting right now. 

I experienced a hurricane upon arriving to Tulum, a barrier in the language, a chance meeting of a dear friend, reflections of my old self, glimpses and dreams of my new self, a miraculous raw food hut, waves crashing at my window to lull me to sleep, yoga every day, sitting in the womb of the Mother Earth, and an amazing sense of clarity. 

Say yes to not knowing and allow the unknown to infiltrate your being.  In the not knowing and the not planning, truth bubbles to the surface so eloquently that you can’t help but breathe it in and allow it to whisk you away.