You know … these last two weeks have been honestly, unsettling. I’m not sure what’s happening and yet, I’m so sure it’s a bit frightening. 

And impactful.
And exciting.
And frustrating.
And disappointing.
And amazing.
And hurtful.
And shameful.
And necessary.

Here’s my take.

It’s time. 

I wrote about this several years ago and it’s time. 

  • It’s time to ground in. 
  • It's time to go beyond what you think is humanly possible. 
  • It’s time to lift the veil just a foot higher to see undeniable truth.
  • It’s time to love deeper. 
  • It’s time to dig deep because unfortunately … that’s what it’s going to take. 

No more distracting yourself.
No more blaming.
No more pointing the finger out. 
No more waiting for the right time, the right person, the right moment …
No more whining.
No more posting your food on social media unless it’s impactful.

The time is now. 

And here’s what helps me.

I remember that when I breathe in deeply, that my roots go all the way to the center of Mother Gaia. I remember that those roots connect beyond the floor-boards, beyond the foundation, and that they travel all the way to the succulence of the Earth.  Into Her darkness, into her womb, into where all things are birthed and all things take refuge.

I remember that the crown of my head also has antennas … just like the roots of my sit bones.  And they rise past any ceiling, of any structure that I am physically confined by.  Not only that, but those antennas reach beyond what I will ever be able to see because they are lines of connection to the Divine. 

I remember that there is a gold/green light swirling around in my heart.  And that swirl is not only confined to my heart but also swirls into my ribcage, my throat, my arms and reaches out to anyone within a 100-mile radius of me. 

Then I remember that everyone on this planet has this same experience and that they are either awake to it or they are not.  And I’m telling you ... it’s time to wake up to the grounding forces you have available to you.

The grounding forces of

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Tribes
  • Self
  • Love
  • Practice

Name it:  what grounds you?  What helps you to remember your connection to all that is?  So that when you feel pummeled, tired, overwhelmed, pissed off, disconnected, or just generally over it all … you ground in and re-member.

You must connect to that now and you must not waiver. Please .. trust me on this. 

Ground in … it’s what we have.