I’ve been pondering the perceived calamity that has been present in our lives lately.  And make no mistake, the fires up here in Northern California was not the first event that woke me up.  This all started months and months ago when I felt Kali very present in my own life.  Taking me to my knees in my personal life – asking me to drop all illusion and drop it now. 

It’s not pretty is it?  Looking illusion in the eye?  We build our lives on a belief system that works for a while – until we wake up and realize it’s all just completely broken.  And I mean all of it. 

It’s overwhelming … especially as a yogi, being on the front line of consciousness.  We see, we feel, we want to do, help, connect, and support everyone and we just can’t.  I tell people … pick one thing, just one thing that you love … and support that.  And honesty, I myself have a hard time with that philosophy.

I think that’s because I walk the line as a Mystic and Mother and play on both sides of the street. I am both practical and from another world.  It’s not always easy to navigate this Earthly world for me – it can get quite tough as I see things that some may not.  But I have to say this loud and clear, regardless of which world you play in:

This is not the time to distract or ponder or disillusion yourself anymore. 
This is time for action, connection, and love.

I said it years and years ago when I started writing books, and things haven’t changed. They’ve just amped up - we must stay awake. We must live in our deepest truth and drop all illusion and ideas of separation.  This is no time to hide behind anything we have been holding onto; it’s no time to hold onto anger or conflict; it’s not time to keep you truth to yourself. 

It’s time to live in truth, freedom and love.

I know it’s hard to focus right now. I know … I get it.  Especially for those of you directly or indirectly dealing with loss.  I know it’s hard – I’m having a hard time myself.    There’s so much isn’t there.  But you must.  You must breathe, you must stop moving and rest; and then, get back up again and do your thing.  You must pray, you must love, you must know your super-human powers and use them. 


I continually come back to the Goddess.  She knows all, She loves all, and She supports all.  And sometimes – when we rebirth a new world, the change that has to happen sucks.  Big time.  And we have to pivot in ways we don’t want to or that may feel uncomfortable.  We may witness so much that our hearts just can’t take … but She can.  She holds it all. 

So we breathe – we look above the haze and into our hearts that are deep well springs of compassion, grace, and light.  And we trust. 

All we need to do is focus. 
All we need to do is love.
All we need to do is gather.
All we need to do is pray. 

Focus your attention on what you know is the most supportive. Call in support of your tribes – this is no time to be valiant and try and do it on your own.  The Goddess has your back and I do too – because I know that I am completely supported by Angels, Guides and the Goddess.  Infinite supply of energy and support … always. 

For all the victims who have experienced loss and devastation- I pray for you.  May you know peace in your loss and find a deep well of love in your families, tribes, and hearts.

For everyone feeling the anxiety of what’s happening on this planet – I pray for you.  May we all remember that there is a Divine order and the only thing that matters in end is love.  Period.