This week's blog is from my book, Oms from the Heart. With the New Moon in Leo, and all that is coming to the surface, it resonated so much with me... Read it below, and purchase the book online here.

What does it mean to stand in empowered grace? Truth be told, I’ve been pondering, playing with and embodying this one all week long. And, I think we truly recognize what this phrase means when we are put into a position that requires the same amount of strength as it does poise, when
we are being tested to stand in our truth and, not only that, but to speak it from a place of compassion and empathy.

Empowered grace comes into play when we are awake enough to whatever is happening that is causing discomfort and we can react in a way that exudes potency and breadth. 

Here’s an example. Visualize yourself being pushed into a corner... either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. You know what I mean: those times when you are confronted and the primal emotion that bubbles up is fear, or anger or frustration.

The first thing you want to do is defend your honor, your stance, or your ego. Yeah, your ego. You’ve been side-lined so to speak, the wool has been pulled over your eyes, and all of a sudden you feel the urge to fight for something. You’re not sure what. However, you feel the urge to defend something. 

So you react without thinking. You allow your brain to fall into a patterned behavior. You add energy to the fear by becoming the fear and then the situation seemingly gets bigger and bigger. You allow this one situation to permeate your mind, pollute your heart, infiltrate your relationships and sabotage any type forward motion. Or, as I call it, a stalling of any up-leveled vibration.

At some point, after this same situation repeatedly happens, you decide it really isn’t resonating with you any longer. And you’re sure of it because you observe it all. You see how YOUR REACTION actually CREATES your reality and it just doesn’t work for you anymore! 


It may take a few or several instances of the same event to resurface before you get it, but finally you do. And this time, this time you react with empowered grace. You sit silently and observe. You notice the pain, the anger, and the frustration bubbling up. You may even fall into fear for a moment. But this time, before it can escalate and permeate and poison anything else in your life, you breathe. You use a new tool... one that you’ve had all along, and you breathe.

You feel all the same emotions but you are empowered by them to do something different. You stand in them with your breath, a smile on your face, and you breathe. You notice how the emotion morphs and changes into perhaps grief or sorrow, and then you remember that whatever this is that’s happening, it is a creation of your own mind and you know it’s part of your evolution. And, all of a sudden, you are grateful.

WARNING: You may feel empathy for the perpetrator, person or situation, and your heart may explode with compassion. This is a sure sign of evolution and a side effect of empowered grace.

I always say... it’s not if you do the pose, or even how you do the pose, it’s how you fall out of the pose that matters. Yeah, that’s empowered grace.