Embody truth ... it’s the name of my yoga teacher training, it’s tattooed on my arm, it’s how I live my life.  And yet, there are times when I forget how important it is. 

Not to just know what your truth is …
… or feel what it feels like in your body …
… or even what it sound like when it rolls off your tongue.

But to embody it; all the time.

That’s a tall order, what with how fast our world moves these days.  Sometimes, there’s just not enough time in between thought and reaction to actually come from a place of deep truth.  It’s reaction after reaction after reaction.  And if we’re not in alignment with our truth, on any point in our trajectory, the outcome will be skewed. 

And let’s remember this … our thoughts create our reaction … our reaction creates our life.  AND we don’t usually see the outcome until after the thought, or after the reaction.  It’s almost a delayed process; like a time lapse. 

So when we look at our life and we say … “How did I get here?  Or how did this happen?”  The only answer is … you created it. 

We’ve all been there; a little out of integrity here, or there.  And for whatever reason, we justify it. And always, and I mean always, the justification is based on some illusion we’ve created that makes no sense to our soul, but we believe it anyway.  We try and make something up that will make our ego feel better. 

But somewhere in our body, at some point in our life, we’ve ignored the message. Or messages.  And it will come back to the movie of our life.  It will show up and we will know when we are not embodying our truth. 

The only way I have found I can come back to my truth?

Move my body in yoga.
Yes … in yoga.

You can’t lie in a pose.  You just can’t.  You fall down, you hurt yourself, you quit before the peak or the lesson, you do the same things over and over again except on the mat, you know not to expect the same outcome.  There’s no insanity … only truth.

And I’m not saying that a walk in nature, a hike, a run, or a quiet meditation session won’t do it.  I’m just saying that there is nothing like this practice of yoga.  Nothing.

You can’t lie … you just can’t. 

I’ve been to the gym, I’ve hiked everyday, I’ve swam, and I can’t go anywhere without my meditation practice honestly.  And I still trip myself up sometimes. 

And I notice it … and I laugh (after crying perhaps). And then I get myself back on my mat and come back to my truth.  And since I’m still here, I guess there’s still work to be done.