The theme started out as trust, which is such an epic word. But I wanted to go deeper than trust. Deeper than intellectual thought. Deeper than what we think we know to be true.

The word trust provokes emotion in some people, namely me. Divine guidance on the other hand, makes me feel like I’m only part human and mostly fairy dust. Which on some days, is much easier than being human.

But I think that this human experience is only challenging if we make it so. I think the problems and dramas arise when we don’t listen to that Divine guidance. When we instead barrel forward with a sense of profound-know-it-all speed.

From what I have found, and this is from my experience anyway, Divine guidance is like a nice hammock that holds you suspended in space. You know you’re safe and contained, and you can see things from a higher perspective because what’s coming to you is from a higher perspective that your brain can’t possibly create.

A lot of times, I find people shutting their Divine guidance down with rational thoughts, obligatory responses, and ancestral patterns, closing themselves off to the magic of being guided. I believe that fear of listening to this guidance, comes from thinking that they know it all. Or maybe it’s just too damn comfortable, this default reality, that they can’t possible entertain any kind of shift from a mysterious voice, thought, or dream.

Because honestly, and I can say this from experience, Divine guidance isn’t always an obvious stroll in the park that is actually horse drawn, in a heated cart, with some gorgeous man (or woman) feeding you grapes along the way. It’s not always a simple path from A to B that offers you complete grace and ease and a promise of gold chocolates at the end. But it can be!

But, mostly Divine guidance is asking you to “please move in a direction that is more in alignment with your soul.” And sometimes, it begins as a whisper in your ear but can escalate to drama in your life, forcing you to shift in some way. And some of you may still fight it, which is always interesting.

And I think, that Divine guidance is really something like an oasis of miracles. It’s like a pool of lotus flowers that have messages in them. It’s the ONLY way to do things. And please note, that I’m all about intellectual reasoning, creating spreadsheets and budgets, timelines and all that masculine manifesting stuff. That piece has to happen in order for anything to exist. However … I believe and function by the reality of Divine guidance… every single day.

I think that some people fear it and others, like myself, thrive in it. It drives some people crazy when I say that I have to really drop into the situation before I can make a decision. But you know, that’s how I do it. And trust me, it has not always been neat and tidy, these musings from my Internal Guidance System. (IGS) But apparently I was way off course for some odd reason. The turbulence definitely diminished once I started to listen.

And I also think that depending upon how far you have shifted off course by not listening to it along the way, will be directly proportional to how loud, disruptive and annoying the shift will be. I say, try not to fight it… listen and then trust it.

Divine guidance … yeah. Believe it or not, there is a force out there that knows more than you do, witnesses things from a higher perspective than you do, understands your karma more than you do and is trying, so lovingly to help you. I invite you to listen, act accordingly and even if you have to squint your eyes and jump fearlessly … do it. It will be the best leap you ever took, listening to that voice.