I have a question for you … what do you do when you find the depth of your pose?  Meaning, when you go a bit deeper into a pose and it gets just a little uncomfortable, what do you do?  Do you exit the posture?  Do you push too much and hurt yourself?  Do you distract yourself and watch someone else, judging what they are doing?  

What do you do?

Because it’s important to notice – especially right now.  I’ve said this for years:  what we do on our mat is exactly what we are doing off our mat so I invite you to pay attention. We are living in a time where things are a bit uncomfortable.  This past year has been “one thing after another”, and there’s only one reason why.  It’s because we are meant to dive deep into the meaning behind it all. We are being asked to truly see what WE are doing in our own little lives to contribute to this discomfort. 

And if you are saying to yourself, “I’m not doing anything to contribute to this discomfort” … you’re not digging deep enough.  Sorry but it’s true.  No one wants to clean out their own wound, but it’s necessary.

We are meant to make some changes and those changes cannot be skin deep.  It’s too late for the little rip off band-aid.  It’s time for some serious triage, and if you haven’t started digging … now is a prime time. 

I looked at the astrological dance happening right now and everything points to deep, powerful, poignant shifts.  It’s offering up a playing field for deep communication and learning. 

Ask yourself:  When things get uncomfortable, are you going deep or are you averting?  Are you distracting?  Avoiding?  No problem … there’s still time, opportunities, and openings.  This is not a time to skim the surface … trust me.

It also is asking us to trust a Divine plan that may not necessarily be your own.  In that uncomfortable moment in time, the doors open to the beauty of infinite possibility, grace, love, and unity.

As we saunter toward the New Moon In Sagittarius on Sunday, we are blessed with beautiful aspects in the astrological orchestra and numerology codes.  Put your heart in your hand and offer it up.  Push all the fear aside … this is a New Paradigm and nothing will be the same.  Nothing.  That is if you can open your heart all the way. 

Not just a little … a lot.

Everything is up for negotiation … especially your own thoughts about how things are “supposed” to be in your life.   Mercury retrograde is actually a huge blessing right now, because it’s asking you to slow the heck down so you can go deep.

I invite you to use this energy to do just that.  Take a second and go deep.  Into your speech, into how you listen, into your meditation, your relationships, your planning, your practice, your heart. 

Especially go deep into your heart … without the brain please.

No room for thinking in this exact moment.  Go deep into the heart where all the answers lie.  Don’t try to make sense our of anything … go into the feeling.  Notice where you feel it and then go deeper.  Watch your reactions.  They will be quick … thank God for Mercury!  Slow it down and go deeper into what’s real.  Which at the end of the day is love.

PLEASE got to my New Moon Recording for more info and insights into the New Moon Sagittarius coming up on Sunday!  And register for the New Moon Circle at the Center SF on December 17, 2017.