It’s unbelievable really … but then again, it’s really not. I’ve had this photo on my iPhone for over a year now.  A replaca of Truth around my neck for almost two years.  Of course I get to share my love of yoga on the Playa, at the feet of The Woman, surrounded by epic people in a sphere of aliveness and conscious connection.


I am one for setting intentions, always have been.  And for me, honestly, they have always come true.  Not in my time, but eventually, they come to fruition. Not exactly the way I thought or envisioned, but manifest for sure.  This is one of those times.  Truth be told, I have wanted to go to Burning Man for over 5 years now but the Universe had other plans for me … until today. 

One the Eve of Burning Man, the Full Moon will rise for us all.  And as far as I know, the Full Moon is about letting go, cleansing, and rejuvenating.  This Full Moon in particular, according to my sources, is about leaping forward with faith into the life you have dreamed about.  It’s about not looking back. It’s about going for it with love, conviction and trust. 

Not only that, but Venus will be heading back into our skies, showing herself regally on September 6, 2015.  I think it’s interesting that she comes out of retrograde just as Burning Man is wrapping up.  This retrograde has been all about relationships and how we show up.  What makes sense to us and what does not.  What we are worthy of and what we decline to tolerate any longer.  It’s been about upheaval; big and small extractions of old karmic debris that’s been living in the heart. 

It’s time to take heed of all this hocus-pocus, hippie-stars-in-the-sky stuff.  Why … because it’s time.  It’s been time but this is it for real now!  The Universe is provoking us to step in, play big, or go home.  She’s totally serious now.  I encourage you to plant your desires now. And do that in whatever way works for you. 

Personally I like to write mine down; in colorful markers if I have them available actually.  And usually, if I’m calling something in, well, that will require me to look at what is (or has been) in the way of experiencing that intention … because we must look at both.

I then pray about it, dream about it, feel into it and then, I let it go.  All of it, because the truth is that I know nothing.  All I know is what my small mind can conceive of based on experience and judgment.  But the Universe knows all.  So all I can do is let it go and give it up to God. 

I’m arriving at the Playa on Wednesday, September 2 and plan to show up as I am … with no expectations.  I am staying at Pink Mammoth and cannot wait to surround myself with such lovely, awake people.  I bow to Marco Cochrane and his amazingness … The Woman. How blessed I am to breathe in the presence of his artwork and devotion to love.  Please remember to keep your sacred space amidst the noise and haste and if you can ... remind me too!  

I will be teaching on the Playa and hope you can join me ….

Yoga at the Woman: Bohemian Flow  

Expose the depths of your soul through yoga and deep connection to Mother Earth at Sunrise.  Sweat through your physical density with a spiritually sound asana while tapping into your deepest Self.

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 6:00am-7:30am

Yoga at the Woman:  Embody Truth: 

Align with your destiny and illuminate truth through pranayam, meditation and movement.  Recognize and embody the balance of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine in your own self in order to see it in others.  This is the day of the Burn so please, come prepared to let go … completely. 

Saturday, September 5th, 6:00am-7:30am

Please …. Let all of you peeps know to join us if they feel called.  What can you do prior to this?

1. Clean up your side of the street; what’s your karmic debt look like?  Honestly get in there and clean it up.

2. Love, and then love and forgive more.  Connect with someone, either physically or energetically, and send them healing love and gratitude. 

3. Sit …. Sit …. Sit … do nothing.

4.  Create an altar if you do not already have one and sit.  That’s it.

5.  Sing a lot and sing loud.  Remove stagnant energy in the body; do whatever it takes.  Sing, chant, move, cry, make love, just move it!

6.  Be diligent in your shared energy space.  Where is your energy being zapped?  Can you stop that and redirect it to a more loving, productive space?  Notice. 

7.  Give thanks every morning and every night.  You are breathing and that is all you need to know. 

8.  Make a list of what you desire … your DEEPEST desires!  And then be real and make a list of what you can let go of. If you don’t know, just ask that it is made clear to you and that whatever it is, that when we all meet on the Playa, the Gods of all Gods take over and help to release it from all levels of your Being. 

Thank you all for all your love.  I adore you and am so excited.

As the moon gets brighter, so may our clarity to respond to the call within to align ourselves together at a festival of connection in the desert.

OH! And I am making a Burning Man Playlist.  Oh yeah …