You know, I thought I had written a blog on this topic before, but I didn’t.  I went searching, hoping to just use that one for today’s shout out.  And that’s truth.  You see, I’ve been working so very hard on things out of my comfort zone, that my brain space is waning.  I didn’t think I would be able to write a blog on authenticity. 

And then, as always, for inspiration, I looked up the word authentic. 

Conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features; made or done the same way as an original; true to one's own personality, spirit, or character.

And I realized that I was actually living this word so deeply, it almost made me weep.  I resonated easily with the idea of being true to our own personality.  But the other two definitions really opened me up.

If we are being authentic, we are acting in a way that is in alignment with our original code, our original way of being.  Which is pure light.  And we know it when we are in it.  How you ask?

Things line up, circumstances and situations present themselves miraculously, we are seemingly in the flow. And that’s for one reason … we are aligned with our original code.  The “why” of why we are here.  The “essence” of who we are.  The “reason” for our existence and our healing which in turn heals the planet.  

And everything in the flow of the Universe propels us in that direction because it wants order, healing and connection with the heart chakra.

Pretty simple right? 

But we’re taught so much that is not in that alignment aren’t we?  We’re taught that we aren’t enough for some reason or another, and we then find ways to act inauthentically in order to … conform.  But in this way, we aren’t conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features.  No, instead we are conforming to fit the needs of others rules, judgments, ideals and perceptions. 

In order to conform to a society that really has things, in my opinion, a bit messed up. 

Sounds like a rough choice.  Sounds like an uphill battle.  Sounds like the truth for unfortunately, many people. 

So here’s our choice as I see it. 

We can show up as authentically as possible in any given moment.  And speak our truth – the one that oozes from our heart.  We can put ourselves out there as we are in this moment and not expect perfection but instead connection.  We can expect to shift our awareness in order to be more refined and realigned with our essence – and only every single day.  We can make choices that keep our own side of the street clean and our own heart pure and open. 

And really ... that’s about it.  Technically, there is no choice; not now anyway.