Welcome to September!! It’s a whoosh of fresh air! Of new alignment! Of positive aspects and opportunities for growth, expansion, elevation and harmony. September is a much better month than August. We’re down to three planets in retrograde, (plus Chiron) from seven!  That’s amazing!! Feeling the noose release from your neck a bit?  The grip in your hands dissolving?  The planets are finally falling into forward motion.  And, we start off September with a glorious trine. Nothing but positive vibes here! 

As always, New Moons are about new beginnings. Hitting the reset button. And after all these eclipses, things should start smoothing out a bit now. Those eclipses were no joke. And if you still have lessons to learn (you’re here, you have lessons to learn), well, they’re still showing up here and there.  You’ll feel it in your bones.  Notice it when you trip up for a second.  Get a little riled up about something.  But don’t let it snag you. It’s residual moving through you to make space for the creative, strategic, EPIC paradigm you are embarking upon. Don’t wallow in the what was. What you’ve been through.  How crazy it was … 

It was ... now it IS … and it IS!!

Virgo is about organizing, and strategizing! It’s about discipline and putting in the work it takes to make your dreams a reality. Virgo is also the sign of productivity and being motivated and focused to do what it takes to get shit done.  If you give something to a Virgo they will make it better. Which area of your life needs some improvement.

This New Moon is blessed with several positive aspects so get ready to exhale.  First off, Saturn goes direct which is incredible.  When Saturn is in retrograde, it seems like we’re learning our lessons over and over again, at an extremely slow rate.  Like watching reruns – only it may not be your favorite show; instead it’s lessons you’re needing to move through.  But, when the Lord of Karma is through with us, He’s through. Look for your lessons to come to completion… for now.  Mercury joins the New Moon in Virgo, which is spectacular for planning and then communicating those plans.  Best time to invest in those big sticky-notes… put them everywhere!   

Sun will be opposite Neptune for this New Moon – which is powerfully mystic and can also be potentially confusing.  Use your intuition, but only 100% of the time.  Be sure of your direction … don’t let Neptune’s waters trip you up.

The eternal lovers, Venus and Mars square each other which can create conflict, stir up intense desires, and fire up sexual attraction.  With Uranus opposite Venus AND Venus getting ready to go retrograde, be ready. Big changes in relationships are on the horizon.  Be open to breakthroughs in how you see things, how you do things, who is showing up in your life, and who is going away.

So much positivity! This New Moon is coupled with a Grand Trine in Earth Signs: Mercury in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Capricorn.  Couldn’t be better actually.  Well, yes it could.  If Jupiter were sextile Pluto; or if the New Moon was trine Jupiter. Oh wait … it is!! Mercury in Virgo will smooth out the details and take care of business. Uranus in Taurus will offer up breakthroughs in how you create. And Saturn in Capricorn puts the planning, structure and strategy all into place seamlessly. This is about your career. How committed are you? How open are you?  How creative are you?  How ready are you to expand and really shine?  Not easy all the time but so worth the effort, challenges and eclipses wouldn’t you say?

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Full Moon September 24, 2018
Full Moon Circle at Yoga 6 Carlsbad, September 21, 2018