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I love the Moon … I’m a self proclaimed Moon Stalker.  But not only that, I’ve learned to watch Venus and Mars and all the other planets that orbit around our solar system just to keep us in check with our Divine Nature.  I feel more grounded when I look up on some days… because I don’t understand all that I can’t see but I know it affects me and NOT KNOWING everything actually supports my sense of calm and connection.

This Monday, September 24, at 7:52pm PST, we will witness a Full Moon in Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac so again, new beginnings.  I mean, why not right?  This Moon is a game changer for so many reasons.  For starters, it’s sitting at 2 degrees in Aries (which means the Sun is at 2 degrees in Libra) but it’s also forming a T-Square to Saturn, also at 2 degrees.   Relationships * balance * harmony …. all the things.

Saturn is the time keeper, the Lord of Karma.  This T-square could create (on the outside) some negativity, but honestly, it’s just asking us to get real, stay focused, and align ourselves…. Again. The number 2 is about balance, harmony, relationships, and even more specifically, our relationship to money and intimacy.  With Mars just coming out of retrograde and Venus heading into retrograde, well, let’s just say, your relationships, all of them, are up for renewal. 

The Full Moon is always about releasing, letting go, checking in, and celebrating.  We can do that through fire ceremony, dancing around in white robes, meditating on our own, or gathering with close friends. Basically though, the theme is getting clear and concise about that which we want to release.  We can gather and hold space for each other and stare up at that lovely Moon…or not.  But She will have her way with you if you let Her.  This is my way of allowing Divine flow through me … honoring the Moon.  

Because the Full Moon happens just after our Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, this energy really is about relationship, forging new ways and balancing our career, with love, with connection … all the things masculine and feminine.  

Interesting to note as well, and very important actually:  the Moon is conjunct (sitting on top of) Chiron and the Sun is conjunct the Mercury.  This is a big deal when planets are conjunct.  First off, they enhance each other’s essences and amplify everything about each other. So the Sun sitting with Mercury is asking you to really drop into how you are sharing your Divine message.  Are you playing small?  Are you holding back?  Are you talking too much and not listening?  Are you consciously using your words or flinging around old patterns? You must pay attention to how you are communicating right now… be aware and be awake to the value of your own language.

The Moon is sitting with Chiron ... healing on all levels. The question with Chiron always is:  how deep do you want to go?  What is your threshold for healing?  Do you stop just before the magic so you can keep it together? That’s not healing, that’s spiritual bypassing; know the difference.  Expressing “love and light”, and inauthentic “compassion and forgiveness” for something in the past is not going to get you anywhere, I can promise you that.  Drop into the feelings, allow them to bubble up and heal.  

The bigger bit to this Moon is this … Saturn is square both the Moon and the Sun. Meaning … yes, Saturn square Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Chiron.  This creates a T-square.  Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the time keeper and He’s sitting in Capricorn.  Wake up to your life, your career, your intimacy, your joy, your ability to manifest, your patterns… wake up to it all. Listen deeply he says.  

Saturn is having his way with this Moon. He is also trine Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs and innovation.  This encourages you to make positive changes instead of settling into those old patterns.  But you have to take ownership first.  What looks like a set back, may actually be happening to bring you unexpected opportunities to break free of restriction, to leave unhealthy relationships, and be yourself. It helps overcome fear of change because this is a transition phase in your life. Use the positive influence of Saturn and stay calm and patient, planning every step methodically, instead of reacting.  In energy like this, I pretend I am walking around with an Earth suit covered in Rose Quartz pink.  

 And lest we forget to mention, the Moon square Saturn, creating that childlike energy contained within an armor of strength and discipline.  Release that way of being, that archetype that displays tantrums so you can get the care you need without having to ask for it. This will be the pattern – my question is, can you claim what you deserve without acting like a child?  

Saturn is also square Mercury, which increases the likelihood of negative thinking and miscommunications.  Think before you speak, ask for clarity, pay attention to details and body language (your own and others).

Because the Moon is full in the sign of Aries, this is about moving through what’s in the way of you fulfilling your destiny with regard to your Divine mission, your career, and your responsibilities in forging the way through to get there.  With Saturn in Capricorn, it’s time to take your leadership qualities to the next level; no more playing small, blaming others, being fearful... unless you want to that is.  But the planetary alignment would suggest a better way. Take yourself seriously, set some goals, do things differently if you have to … release a new project, anything new that may launch you into a new paradigm.  

Use your deep concentration to notice patterns, use new tools to overcome them, fall in love with your Self and get over the separation, isolation and doubt that may try and keep you from moving upward and onward.  This T-square is a huge call to action … but be patient.  Listen and pay attention to the timing of things. Do not rush, do not push, but do not sit on the sidelines either.  I call this being humbly-confident.  You must find the balance of living as a spiritual being in this Earth suit and being from another, higher realm.  

You must abide by time because, well, that’s how we manage things here on Earth.  But in the spiritual realm, we are governed by timelessness … by infinity. Find the grace to swing between the two and suspend in the nothingness when you can.  Find that sweet spot (mines at the ocean) amidst the chaos, the reality of all the “things” we do governed by time. I know you know what I mean:  picking up kids at school, driving here and there, work deadlines … yeah, take a hot second and breathe into the nothingness that holds everything.

Here’s something else so epic … The Sun/Mercury is trine Mars.  This creates opportunity for joy, optimism, positivity and forward momentum in an illuminated way.  Take advantage of this … trust me.  Soon enough (October 4, 2018), Venus will go retrograde and all your relationships (mostly the one you have with yourself) will be up for re-evaluation and recalibration. This time is just a little snippet of fine tuning your energy.  

If you remember or take away one thing from this, let it be this ….

If Full Moons are about releasing and celebrating, how about we take the time and energy to forgive. In forgiveness, there is everything - total liberation.  Complete freedom from the past, from triggers, from knee-jerk reactions.  Not an easy job, but a necessary one.  If you listen to my online recording, I’ll walk you through a meditation you can use every, single Full Moon.  Also, remember to put out your crystals so they can charge under this Moonlight.  Reach out to me directly for support with astrology readings, healing sessions, or coaching and guidance.  I’ve got you and you got this!