Wow .. how are you feeling … headache, sinuses, insomnia, anger … yeah, all the feels.  How’s your life?  A bit discombobulated?  A little crazy?  Not to fear… you’re right on track! You’re rewiring … all good.  WANT THE FREE RECORDING OF THIS ... GO HERE

It’s that time the New Moon when the Sun is conjunct the Moon.  Always a time for new beginnings, new projects, and setting intentions for the Lunar cycle. 

But this New Moon is different … REALLY different. It’s super charged with a Solar Eclipse and about 12 other crazy aspects that are truly rewiring who we are and what we came here to do.  It’s not a time to feed your addictions, ignore what’s happening, act unconsciously or feed the flame of your deepest desires.  

Almost, but not just yet.  Now’s the time to chill, relax, love, play, observe, listen and align deeply.  While you’re awake and asleep.  So even if you’re not sleeping you may want to at the very least, document some dreams and surrender to what’s up. 

Leo New Moon is powerful all on it’s own but before I tell you all about the astrological chaos that is causing those unexplainable headaches, stomachaches and crazy fatigue, we also have a numerology code that ‘s pretty epic.

It’s called an 11:11 portal and it’s magical in every way.  What makes it an 11:11 portal?  

August, 2018 is a 19/10/1 Universal Month
2018 is an 11 Universal Year
August 11 is an 11 Universal Day

Your life is in a state of renewal in every way, shape and form.  It’s already affecting you – eclipses are felt weeks before they occur (and many months afterwards)!

And let me say this: EVERY PLANET IS ACTIVATED with this eclipse.  Trust me when I say that your whole life is activated, every part of you is going to be stimulated, and you will be awakened on some level.

All I can say is … be open & receptive to new opportunities.

This eclipse is going to affect Leos BIG TIME, Taurus next and Capricorn after that.  Geez, I’m a Sun Leo, Taurus Moon, Capricorn rising… holding onto my hat as we speak.  

The New Moon happens onAugust 11th, 2018, 2:57am PSTand it’s the final eclipse of this season.  In fact, it’s the very last solar eclipse in Leo for quite some time.

Eclipses, especially solar eclipses in Leo, teach us something very important about our life purpose and how to manifest it in the world. 

This is a time to set patterns that will continue to bear fruit for years to come. With Mercury (August 19th-September 1), Mars (August 27th), and Saturn (September 6th) stationing direct after this third and final eclipse of the season, we will be feeling a lot more free than we have in a while.

And just for fun: there are 7 Planets in Retrograde!! Yes, and there it is … the Astrological headache”.

Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and Plutoare all in retrograde.
What does that mean?  


·     Slow things down 

·     Don’t rush 

·     Think things through 

·     Use your anger creatively 

·     Focus, productivity, motivation 

·     Change, breakthroughs

·     Mysticism, divine play

·     Healing

All the feels… feel them all, do not jump in the fire too quickly, do not run from it, do not ignore it … allow it to have it’s way with you and observe everything from the heart. 

Here’s a few notable aspects you may want to know about …

Venus enters Libra - Venus loves being in Leo. She feels sexy in Libra, and powerful and clear around her desires.  There is a focus on relationships, bringing balance and beauty into everything she does and she knows how to turn on her charm and self-confidence here.  Get it girl!! 

 Sun/Moon Square Jupiter - Okay, you feel invincible … good for you.  You’d better watch it though.  All that optimism can leave you feeling scattered if you overcommit. Think things through, be quietly confident and humble in your choices. Now is not the time to focus on multiple things.  One thing at a time. Trust me. 

Mercury square Jupiter - This is the strongest aspect in the eclipse chart. You’re battling truth vs. illusion, beliefs vs. ideas. Know what is real.  Don’t overestimate or exaggerate, be mindful and be real.  Do NOT promise too much … you’ll be sorry later.  

Venus trine Mars - This is so beautiful … Mars and Venus puts a focus on love and friendships. Your magnetic nature to create joy, wealth and abundance is at an all time high.  But please, sit with yourself a bit and think things through so you act from your values and not impulse.  

Uranus goes Retrograde - This WILL BRING disruptions, but I promise, freedom and authenticity will prevail in your relationships. You just have to withstand the discomfort of letting go and watching things fall apart.  There is a push-pull energy that might have you feeling impulsive – just pause.  

Just pause.  There are too many planets in retrograde remember??

Hold your vision, listen to your intuition and take a walk on the beach.  Swim in the ocean, or take a salt-water bath.  Pause 

Venus opposite Chiron - So beautiful … this is all about healing through love – unconditional love. Yes you must love THAT too for a well-rounded healing experience.  Combine this with Chiron and Mars with Venusand you may find yourself sitting in a cauldron of creativity and passion. This energy is sensual and loving.  Just forgive, forget and move on.  It’s not worth it to hold on.  

Sun Conjunct Mercury Retrograde - I may sound redundant BUT: now is the time to set the seed of the intention, water it, don’t announce it – just watch it grow and sprout. Strategize, plan but DO NOT make official announcements!  WAIT for Mercury stationing direct … September 2, is best to move forward. 

Mercury Conjunct the Solar Eclipse - The eclipse will make you think and question, discuss and deliberate.  There are multiple opportunities for complications, confusions and mix-ups. Just stay in your lane, in the flow and flexible.   When things get a little off, remember to respond:  DO NOT REACT.  I repeat… DO NOT REACT. 

Venus Square Saturn - This is usually an angsty aspect but both of these planets are in their home sign so they are acting at their highest and best selves!  They have decided to agree to disagree here – you should do the same. 

Finger of God Pointing at the Eclipse - This is my favorite … The Yod, it’s very rare and very powerful.  Neptune and Pluto are pointing directly at the Solar Eclipse, offering mystical play, divine intervention and magical encounters.  Be ready … It’s like a lightening bolt and can reveal the piece you’ve been missing.  Been there all along, you just didn’t notice it.  

Basically this is a powerful time to use tremendouscourage to share, speak, empower, transform, and inspire others from a spiritually sound place.  And, at the same time, be humble, be present, observe and be quiet.  Sounds like a tough cauldron to be in.  It is, but you can do it. Just lead with your heart and display unconditional love, excitement and quiet confidence.  All will be revealed.    Get the FREE RECORDING HERE