Self-Mastery --- I love this phrase.  I really do. Self … Mastery.  Yes, we are here to Master the Self.  

We are not here to be distracted by all the things.  Derailed by the ego.  Dragged into old patriarchal, societal, or family beliefs or ways of doing things. No we are not, but we do.  We do so willingly and the only thing I can say is, we better learn something in the process.  This last year has been about just that.  Learning. Growing, Evolving.  Letting Go.

Although … to be honest, every breath here is about growing isn’t it?  But more often than not, we waste them on worrying, judging, blaming. Why I wonder.  

There are just times in life we need to go back; revisit, review and revise.  This has been one of those times.  And now, it’s time to empty the backpack and get rid of all the things that are heavy as hell.  Bless them and let them go. 

I’m finally feeling it. A loosening, a softening.  A moment in time when I can sit, breathe and begin to plan, commiserate, collaborate, co-create.  The New Moon in July (last July to be specific) started a trajectory of transitions in motion.  Like it or not, you’re sitting on the precipice of all the new things. All the love.  All the grace.  All the ease. For some it hasn’t been easy.  For some, we knew it was coming and prepared (as much as we could). For some, well, some just skate through life unscathed. 

Amidst all my movement and transitions, we must remember that there is Divine Play. We know nothing. We can watch the Moon, the waves, the stars and still … we know nothing.  Divine play is always the order. And, nothing fantastic comes easy without some sort of human intervention.  But life along its meandering path, can always be lovely. Mercury stations direct today but won’t be fully out of its shadow stage until September so there’s still work to do. The themes for the week: 

Self-Mastery, perseverance – stay the course Warrior Jedi.  

What’s your plan? Your royal star?  That thing you’ve been sitting on, thinking about and feeling into?  What’s in the way?  Drop it already?  I mean it. The anger, the judgment, the fear. There’s still several planets in retrograde and quite frankly, you’re still here so there’s always work to do. Stay in the flow and don’t push, but pay attention.  Always pay attention.  

All those things you want to “do”, turn the energy inward to your Self.  The one with a capital S.  That means go inward, turn it all in and use that energy to master your dominion, your house, your life, your heart.  Self-mastery … Byron Katie says it well, “Keep your side of the street clean.  If you’re on someone else’s side of the street, who’s paying attention to yours?”  

The Sun Enters Virgo this week so get completely focused on the details now.  Understand the path you are taking to self-awareness and start marking your course.  You can easily tune in and merge your efforts with a kind of soul-empowerment – drop into that deep energy of Self.  (again, capital S)

There’s a magnificent Grand Trine with the Sun, Uranus and Saturn – intimate relationships are at the forefront.  (ps – the one with yourself is most important … it reflects all the other ones) 

The Pisces Full Moon brings a wave of joy, play, peace and inspiration. And Mars stations direct finally so your inner vitality is rebooted so you’ll feel the urge to move forward.  

All I’m going to say is this … I just made this epic move to a place where I know my heart is peaceful and calm. I know my life is unfolding. I know I belong here and that I am home. And it hasn’t been easy. And there are days where tendrils of fear or doubt drop in.  And I breathe … use all my tools and master the Self. The one who guided me here. Who lives in my heart.  Who knows the truth. And I trust … and I keep trusting, breathing and moving forward from my heart.  Do that; in one area of your life… do that.