This Full Moon Capricorn is a no joke rollercoaster of emotions.  Not only is this a powerful Full Moon asking you to look at where you use your energy, it’s asking you to get really, really real as the Moon sits alongside Saturn, gatekeeper of truth and structure.  How outdated are you structures, your systems, your beliefs about your life? Relationships? Environment?  Spirituality? And mostly your career. How you put yourself out into the world. Are you doing your “work” or skimming the surface?  Saturn has a watchful eye on you and will absolutely be ushering you in the direction of your truth.  Which can be incredible and uncomfortable all at the same time.  Trust the process.

But not only is this Moon sitting with Saturn, there are 5 planets in retrograde and, we are just sitting behind 3 eclipses headed our way in July.  (There’s normally only 2 in a row…)

This is massive restructuring and well, a rollercoaster that slows down around the twists and turns that are the most necessary to pay attention too.

Mars retrograde brings your issues to the surface. You know the ones – the ones you’ve been disillusioned by, the ones you’ve ignored, swept under the rug, and the ones you’ve been plagued by since oh, about March perhaps.  Mars retrograde is in Aquarius so it’s asking you to use the fire from within to break free to a new, more confident version of yourself.  It’s not fun – it’s challenging.  But challenges are what elevates your confidence, bringing you to that up-leveled version of yourself you know exists. 

Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio has been working at breaking down your barriers, eliminating your fears, and offering you the pathways to expansion for your next chapter.  Jupiter stations direct just before the New Moon so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. 

Saturn retrograde (while it’s in Capricorn by the way) defines your boundaries, work ethic, limitations and Karma. He is the Law of Karma.  He’s bringing back to the surface any places you’ve been dishonest with yourself and well, you’ve got to clean that mess up.   Saturn retrograde is asking you to rise above who you’ve been acting out as and step into that again, up-leveled version of yourself. This may or may not feel a bit like spiritual book camp.  Paying your dues.  Owning up to your consequences.  Emotional train wreck.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (yes Capricorn) is holding up the mirror to your darkness.  Why do we push that darkness away when we know that the only way to the light is through the dark.  Pluto reigns over mysteries and secrets … good one to be sitting next to Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, don’t you think?

Neptune retrograde in Pisces is a powerful force that will make you look at your reality and own up to it. The sooner you do that the better.  It rules your subconscious and fantasies … again, great aspect to be churning the cauldron with this transformational soup.

So … you wonder why you feel tired, wrung out, excited, elated, angry, happy … all the feels in one breath?  Now you know.  Now you know.