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When you really and truly say “Yes!” to God, to the Universe, and to living your life empowered and alive, you have signed a verbal contract to shift.

Now, as far as I know, there is no such thing as a written contract with God and to this day, I have never read any “fine print” about what will happen once you say yes. You can’t really know what is coming up next for you when you agree to hold hands with a Higher Power… you just have to trust.

Sometimes the shift is fairly simple and sometimes the people who are closest to you in your life want to shift along with you. But from what I have witnessed personally, usually when you shift and say yes, you are required to drop a few belongings. It’s like leaving your luggage with a porter, but when you leave it, you have to leave it for good. It may be there later for you to pick up; the question is… do you want it back or not?

It may be that you lose a business, change jobs, leave a marriage, move from your home, or change your environment completely. You can’t know any outcome and you can’t plan when you say yes to God… you just have to trust.

This is challenging for people who have been living an illusion of control their entire life. But if you can remember that control IS an illusion and that Divine Guidance is carrying you all the time, it’s OK. It’s OK to let go… it’s actually freeing because you begin to FEEL weightless and open.

You witness your thoughts and you experience life ushering you along, but you also know that you are being guided by the hand of God.

You know that God lives in your heart and that your heart cannot experience pain, grief, anger, resentment, guilt, or anything that makes you feel less than blissful and connected, so you know it’s OK to let God express bliss and Oneness through you.

But you can’t control it. You can’t drive. You can’t say where to turn, which road to take, or what you have to leave behind… you just have to trust.

I know it’s hard… I did it. I closed a business, lost money, foreclosed on a house, and left a marriage, all in a matter of two years. With all that baggage, I relinquished a dimension of myself that was hurt, angry, guilty, shameful, and fearful of allowing. I abandoned a dimension of myself who wanted love but didn’t trust love. I gave up a dimension of myself who wanted to trust but wasn’t sure how.

It’s not easy. But you have to know, way deep down in your heart of hearts, in your God heart, that you are going to be OK. You have to know that when you leave everything behind, you open yourself up to pure love, pure joy, pure happiness, endless patience, reverence for life, eternal gratitude, and a blissful existence. You open yourself up to all that you could hope for and more.

You will still encounter human experiences; however, this time you are closely connected with your own Spirit, with God, with the flow of the Universe, and with the angels, so you know that no matter what happens you are supported.

Never again will you feel the need to control anything… you will always be able to let it flow.

Let’s do this already, shall we?