I’m changing things up … it’s that time of the year, before the New Moon enters Taurus.  Big changes afoot by the way … more later.

But here we are, on Friday and the theme has been integration.  All week long, I’ve been asking the question … “are you integrating what you are learning in your life on a daily basis?”  Because the truth is you get more information fed to you in one minute that most people had access to in their entire lives 100 years ago.  It’s true.  All this info … what the hell do you do with it all? 

How do you possibly process it all?  You can’t unless you pause.  And I mean … pause. 

You’ve got to feel into the feels.  Notice when they come up and then ask yourself … “what is that?  How can I integrate this into my Being right now?” Take yoga as an example.  There are so many great teachers, workshops and trainings out there, right?  And you spend money on them right?  You fill up your tool-box with all these great things to “awaken yourself to who you are.”  And then bam, someone cuts you off and you’re cursing like a sailor.  It happens you know.  You forget you have these tools because you are on auto-pilot.  And to be fair, unless you practice presence, it’s easy to fall into auto-pilot.  You have to practice using the tools and staying awake in order to integrate what you are learning. 

Not only that, but these things you learn, it’s best to drop them into the heart and let things swirl in that space for a bit. Best integration ever – just drop it into the heart. 

Here’s a few things I have to offer: 

Don’t say “love and light” unless you mean it. 
Breathe before you speak. 
Namaste means I see ALL of you in me, and all of me in you, and I love you. 
And before you sign up for that “pay what you can” workshop online, please, ask yourself, do you really have time for it? Or will it become a flagged email in your inbox? 

Integrate your day – sit and reflect at least once per day and inquiry about some random thing.  Nothing is by chance, there are no coincidences, and everything is here to open you up to something.  Just integrate one thing daily. It will change your life.